Introduction: Suprisingly Hard Shooting Bic Pen Gun

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Turn a rubber band and a regular bic pen into a pretty hard shooting gun. 

all you will need

a bic pen
small rubber band

Step 1: Cuttin

Picture of Cuttin

1. take apart the bic pen by removing the ink from the tube and pull off the cap from the tube.
2. cut the ink tube on the opposite side you write on. cut about a quater inch in and sepperate the 2 sides w// your teeth
it should look like the 2nd pic

Step 2: Cuttin Again

Picture of Cuttin Again

now cut the outside tube just like you cut the ink tube & sepperate it a little w// your teeth

be sure to cut off the apped side w// your siccors

Step 3: Rubber Bandin

Picture of Rubber Bandin

now is the hard part . hook the rubberband to the ink tube at the part that we cut. then push the pen w// the rubber band connected into the tube far enough so only about half an inch is sticking out. now hook the rubber band on the bic tube like in the pic


Marlton (author)2011-09-02

Me and my friend made one, but it didn't fire. we made a new one and it fired once. I made one out of an all stainless steel design drawing pen, and it shot a steel BB at what I would guess is around 190 fps. nice design

chuck norris (author)2007-01-19

oh, joy. oh, rapture. its the same crap we've seen over and over and over again.

thefoodman (author)chuck norris2009-05-22

you need a different picture because urs makes fun of god

chuck norris (author)thefoodman2009-06-20

I apologize for any offense you may have taken from this image. However, I wish to impress upon you, I mean no religious harm to anybody. This image is a parody and only a parody. But, I must ask you this, do you believe god has a sense of humor? P.S. Might I request that you reply with proper English

BILLCLINTON (author)2009-06-04


BILLCLINTON (author)2008-04-24


RandomHero (author)BILLCLINTON2008-06-28

well just look up q tip shooter, its the exact same design, hell of a lot better... no offence to ya blondy (maker of instructAble)

Arbitror (author)RandomHero2008-12-01

Look at my micro pen gun here:
It is 10 times more powerful than this design, and 10 times smaller!

spottedape_05 (author)2007-10-24

Made one with a 12 inch section of carbon fiber arrow shaft and 5 industrial rubber bands using 6 inch long bamboo skewers. Who woulda guessed that a skewer can go all the way through your thumb. Penetrates to 200th page in phone book flippin sweet thanx alot

silverman33 (author)2007-07-27

its okay at first but shit at second

street104 (author)2007-02-11

i made one it works really good the third time i tested it, i pulled the ink back too far and the tip came out of the tube and i shot my finger....owwww

little man (author)street1042007-03-31

did it leave any marks

mr.pib4 (author)little man2007-06-15

yeah the piece of lead is stuck in my finger

blondy (author)little man2007-04-03

sometimes but not all the time

mr.pib4 (author)street1042007-05-25

i've done that too but with a pencil. i think i hit a nerve because my finger went all tingly and a little numb.

blondy (author)street1042007-04-03

Ya, i've doe that a few too many times

pyroman458 (author)2006-12-01

ok i just made this and if you want good results, use a pretty small rubber band

cody_rigby (author)2006-11-30

whats up guys

reeding (author)2006-11-05

these pictures ssuuUUUUuuuck!

Bad Donut (author)2006-11-02

These pics are too fuzzy.

paper warrior (author)2006-10-26


blondy (author)paper warrior2006-10-26

well arnt u funny

paper warrior (author)blondy2006-10-28

ha ha ha

theRIAA (author)2006-10-26

how old are you?

leonthestmasta (author)2006-10-26

this is stupid!!!..............Comment LOL!?!?!?!?!

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