Picture of survial belt and prop
this instrucables is mostly for those who go camping in rough mountain and deforestation. this is my first instructables so if you have a comment go ahead and post it.

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parts list

-clear packaging tape
-duct tape
-spray paint(for belt buckle)
-and whatever things you want to put into your survival belt(fishing line, fishing hooks,  vitamins, and bandages)

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Step 1: First package

Picture of first package
first cut four pieces of clear packaging tape in about three inch lengths. put them all together two on top two on the bottom. you should have a piece one piece of clear tape not sticky on ether side. fold them into a small pouch to hold the supplies.    

Step 2: Finished pouch

Picture of finished pouch
this is what you should have. repeat for other pouches.

Step 3: Belt

Picture of belt
get two pieces of duct tape. they should be able to wrap around you with a small three or four inch piece left off. tape them so both sticky sides face each other.

Step 4: Spacing pacages

Picture of spacing pacages
lay your small packs on top of the duck tape like so.

Step 5: Sealing

Picture of sealing
lay another piece of duct tape across the packages. make sure its water tight.

Step 6: Belt loop

Picture of belt loop
cut a piece of duct tape about six inches and fold it sticky side together. 

Step 7: Attaching

Picture of attaching
wrap around main belt piece and tape it on the back.

Step 8: Belt bucle

Picture of belt bucle
get four pieces of Velcro and wrap the belt around you. put one piece of Velcro for the belt and three after the belt loop. spray paint a buckle on and let it dry.

no more losing your survival kit when your backpack falls down the mountain or lost in the rapids or even leaving it at home by accident. wear it any where and everywhere.
Mattvoda2 years ago
You should run a rip cord through the entire thing and then pull that
smiley G.I JOE (author) 2 years ago
you could use Velcro pieces to seal it and make the packages reusable.
So, do you need to cut open the belt to get out the supplies?