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This is my first Instructable thanks for checking it out

Step 1:

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Find a young, straight tree and cut it down

Step 2:

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Measure it to be about 3 to 4 feet

Step 3:

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These are all the tools you will need

Step 4:

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Cut the bark of with a knife

Step 5:

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It should look like this. Leave some left in the middle for a hand grip

Step 6:

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Get paracord or any non stretchable cord

Step 7:

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Drill a hole in each side and cut the cord to the same length as your wood and tie a simple knot

Step 8:

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Cut off a small piece of the wood that is left and cut the tip with a knife also if you have small dowel rods those work a little better . Now you have a home made bow and arrow. Thanks for checking it out!!!


MarkinZ (author)2014-05-18

It works well but you have to carve it right when its to thick it wont bend but if it is medium I can shoot threw a card board box at half draw.

DE4D POOL (author)2014-05-17

How well does it work?

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