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this is my idea of a survival kit based on my experience and research

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how to make a good survival kit 1.find a good 410 shotgun 2.get lots of ammo 3.have at least 1 scoped weapon mine is a 22 semi automatic. and if you want more fire power for a shot gun use a 20 gauge always have a good knife

or 5!! and always have away to make fire bic lighters work well! and if u cant get 1 you should have a blanket and have a 22 mag just in case

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emperordemus (author)2015-11-15

survive what? The wild? Please explain how a shotgun or a 22 will deal with: frost bite, heat stroke, dehydration, hunger, navigation, insects, etc....

innerspace (author)emperordemus2017-04-24

I would have thought a shotgun would see off most insects :-)

AlbertS20 (author)2016-04-16

Useful Comment Loading..... 69%Done

Ace_of_spades_21 (author)2015-05-03

1 ur gonna carry 3 guns with ammo for all with them when u could just opt for 1 survival gun 2 u have 0 means of water purification 3 what are u gonna make shelter with..... Tht blanket

i have a canteen

boomer1986 (author)2014-12-12

brother, you need way more than that for a good survival kit.

bent boo (author)boomer19862016-03-27

i'm working on getting some mre's and water purification kits thank u

bent boo (author)boomer19862016-03-27

i'm working on getting some mre's and water purification kits thank u

NightScrawler (author)2015-12-16

You might want to browse this list for more ideas. As others have suggested, your kit is a bit minimal. If your personal survival skills are solid, I guess this could work for you, but the average person would need a lot more in a survival kit.

bent boo (author)NightScrawler2016-03-27


joemannn69 (author)2015-01-03

A 22 won't do much for any thing

toomanyfaces (author)joemannn692016-03-25

The .22 LR is universally regarded as the #1 survival rifle, hence the 22 LR ammo shortage still happening today. In a real survival scenario a firearm is only a tool, it's the person's knowledge and abilities that are of much greater significance.

bent boo (author)toomanyfaces2016-03-27

your right about the ammo shortage also carrying 3 guns so my new survival gun is a 20 gauge shotgun barrel thank you for the insight

bent boo (author)joemannn692016-03-27


chuckk (author)2014-12-01

Uh, survive *what* exactly? You know zombies are not real, right?

bent boo (author)chuckk2014-12-02

the wild

toomanyfaces (author)bent boo2016-03-25

I did enjoy the humor of your instructable, but where are you going to find "the wild"? :P

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