Introduction: Survival Kit

this is my second instructable so go easy on the comments firstly i did not use an altoids tin
i used a xbox carriying case witch came very useful

Step 1: Matrials

okay here is what u will need
look at the picture below

Step 2: Why Turn Iron Into Iron When You Can Turn Iron Into Gold?

get creative make stoves bowls popcorn makers use your head

Step 3: Gathering

some times careying wood with your arms little at a time sucks so use some sort of bag
and put it on wheels or some crazy crap

Step 4: Over All

well i coverd almost everything so thats it


admin made it!(author)2009-01-29

This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

Emperor+Towhid made it!(author)2014-11-04

hey I love this

nathanielmynhier made it!(author)2014-01-09

A better saying would be "why leave it as iron when you can turn it to steel?" Its much more realistic

WinniethePoohdle made it!(author)2013-11-20

You got which and witch mixed up

I+love....+Desk made it!(author)2012-12-04

I like the xbox bag. I don't think that you need so many sharpies. And I think the 4 metallic things in the corner are little candles, and you shouldn't cook your food on them because the flame is really dirty. I think you should stick with a normal fire. Shelter and cordage are really important as well. A tarp can go a long way. Oh, and also a handle for the razor blades might help. And matches or a lighter too. Starting a fire with sticks isn't all that easy.

nail+face made it!(author)2011-04-11

isnt really much of a survival kit. when in a survival situation, you need things that will get you out of a jam, or something with more uses. a fixed blade knife, or some paracord would be some great multipurpose items.

getsilly7 made it!(author)2010-02-18

dude your a dummy you need more stuff than that
you would die in the wild.
u need:
fishing line
needles n thread
and plenty more stuff

taluntain made it!(author)2011-02-23

what would the gum be used for?

alexw2150 made it!(author)2011-02-05

How about the paracord and duct tape?

eulaliaaaa%21 made it!(author)2010-08-13

You wouldn't necessarily DIE per say, but you would be in a tiny bit of a pickle.

deepwater_hellian made it!(author)2010-08-18

For a "survival" kit you want to try to make things that are multipurpose as possible. Making bowls, etc out of an empty can is good ingenuity but that means you are either carrying a full can or an empty one around, then you have to take the time to make whatever you need. Unless you are using this time to calm yourself then you would be spending a lot of time that could be used elsewhere. Of course you are welcome to take this kit with you whenever you venture out....I'll pass and take my own.

linelegante made it!(author)2010-06-13

But have some questions for you.

ALTOIDS SMALL CAN - how can that help with cooking?

SHARPIES - how do you use them in an emergency situation?

RUBBER BANDS - What will you do with these in a life threatining situation?

In a survival situation, what will you do with the PLASTIC CLAMP?

How do you plan on using that Pepsi thing? Have you ever boiled water in it? How much water does it hold? It seems awfully small, what will you do with 1/ to 1/2 cup of boiled water?

Seems to me providing a food source or weapon would be far more practical than a lucky charm. (you actually think that will help you in a survival situation?)

I don't mean to be unkind, but survival means YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON WHAT'S IN YOUR KIT. Before you get yourself into trouble, you better do some research to make sure you know what you are doing.

linelegante made it!(author)2010-06-13

Never mind, I figured out how to post my instructable.

linelegante made it!(author)2010-06-13

Just joined this thing today... Two questions... 1. What are the markers for? 2. How do I post pictures of my kit on this site?

KittyF made it!(author)2010-04-30

What are they, where did you get them, and how would you use them?  thanks

KittyF made it!(author)2010-04-30

Ok, Not everyone can tell just what you have there, for instance on the right of the photo what is that thing that looks like a tooth paste tube with the pepsi symbol on it?  LOL

also the somethings that you say are for cooking on the bottom left? 

in addition, it would be very helpful if you or SOMEONE on instuctibles would give a person an idea what you'd use these items for.   thanks, Kitty

zazukain made it!(author)2010-02-02

No fire starter?

nickweaver77 made it!(author)2009-10-19

where's the first aid?

ZOOBREAK made it!(author)2009-06-26

haha that's funny, you didn't use some stupid altoids tin

Superninjacamper941 made it!(author)2009-08-30

Actually in the second picture there is an altoids tin. : )

mikaelthemycologist made it!(author)2009-08-15

Sorry for posting twice but I think you should make an instructable about your "famous popcorn\rice maker"

futuca made it!(author)2009-02-07

Re step 3: Do you know what 'beijo' means in one worldwide spread European language? Many people would agree it fits a survival kit. :)

gunaboy made it!(author)2009-02-10

idk i just found it

mikaelthemycologist made it!(author)2009-08-15

beijo is Spanish for beautiful.

mikaelthemycologist made it!(author)2009-08-15

YES! a non-altoids tin survival kit on Instructables! You Rock! You forgot rope though

nerfkid427 made it!(author)2009-08-08

thats not a lot of things for that big of a bag. You could put tons of other useful things in their.

mangler525 made it!(author)2009-04-11

um a list of materials would be nice along with the good pictures

paintballworld made it!(author)2009-03-15

kool instructable

lukeyj15 made it!(author)2009-02-18

Awesome Superglue is VERY handy Flour sacks would be better for carrying wood Even better sew one inside another

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