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Introduction: Survival Kit in a Stick V2

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Hello everybody, I have not posted a survival related thing for a month so I decided to show you some pix of V2 my survival kit in a stick and all of the new stuff I put in it . In my old survival kit in a stick I had a gallon zip lock bag but this time I put a bag made of thinner plastic so I could have more room for other stuff. I also made it so that to open the kit you just pull the black cord. I put more para cord on this one and I made a reflective band on it so if you drop it, it will be easy to find. Here is a list of the new items in the survival kit and a list of the ones in the old one. I know that it is not the best colors but this is what I have. V3 will have lots of cool features so watch out for V3.

old kit

Aluminum foil -Can be used as a device for signaling help. Cooking food, fixing gear etc.

Matches - Starting a fire, melting Para cord ,etc.

Para cord- Building a shelter, fishing, making a raft, etc.  

Duct tape- making a patch, fixing gear, etc.  

One gallon zip lock bag- Collecting food or water, keeping stuff dry ,etc.  

Band Aids -Protecting cuts etc.  

Inner tube- Starting a fire, making rubber bands etc.  

Electrical tape- Fixing things, connecting things, etc.  

Wire- Hanging a pan and other hot things that rope will not work with etc.  

Razor blade


Electrical tape


duct tape

sugar- for putting on cuts to help you from bleeding


dental floss

band aids

razor blade


rubber bands

aluminum foil


para cord

zip tie

plastic bag

Please comment and subscribe and tell me ways to make this kit better.



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    Cool project! Have you needed to use it yet?

    1 reply

    No i made it for some one but i will make V3 for me with new items and other improvements