office survival knife from pc power supply border
<p>interesting texture of the material was<br>you're right, too flexible blade<br>however, it does not stick to what I cut<br>such as cutting cheese</p>
<p>How sharp could you actually make this? It is thin, so you wouldn't be able to sharpen it much. If it is all you have in a survival situation, I'll take it, but I wouldn't make this unless I absolutely had to.</p>
<p>It does look intimidating...</p>
Looks like a nice idea for slicing soft cheese, or cutting bread...
Hey, all jokes aside, you have the right idea..whether it would cut anything remains to be seen, I bet you the people in the twin towers back on 9/11 wished they had something like this to make their way out of the buildings or at the pentagon...
I'm afraid this is not going to work out the way it is supposed to...

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