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I have a flint and steel, a knife, a compass/whistle combo, and a lanyard

Step 1:

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lay all the things out like this

Step 2:

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open the chain on the flint and steel so you can put all the other tools on

Step 3:

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put the knife on the chain like this

Step 4:

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now put the compass on the chain like this. you can add other things that you would use


You can buy survival knives with all these and more in the handle.

Having all your tools in one location could be bad. What if you lose it?

OTSURVIVAL (author)2014-09-30

Very good start on your kit! Just need a metal water container or filter straw.

jstnbeeks (author)2014-02-04

I hav that knife in the pics, but I found mine on the road

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