this is a little thing i came up with earlier: a pen with matches, tape, foil, and rubber bands that you could virtually take out in class and not get noticed! Supplies needed: rubber bands for braces, matches, tin foil, tape and a bic pen. (you can variate on these supplies)

Step 1: Deconstruction

Take out the guts of the pen (ink and black end thingy) as shown in pic.

Step 2: Reconstruction

Wrap your tape around something small, so it fits in the pen, wrap the aluminum foil around a match, and wrap the rubber bands in tape so it fits in the pen. Now pack it all in the pen, but not so tight that it gets stuck.

Step 3: Close It Up!

Pack a few more match heads in the lid and close it. Voila! you are now ready to safely take survival materials to school in case of zombie invasion or other disaster.
So... What do you do with it? How's it work? What exactly is it? Looks fun though.
-takes out guts of pen- EWW XD
an idea...<br /> <br /> replace the ink cartridge with a strike anywhere match, and pretend to write furiously...&nbsp;then you can fool your friends and make them think you wrote so hard to burnt your pen<br /> <br /> with the stuff that happens in my classroom, it wouldn't be much of a stretch
that is the best way to scare a teacher ever
LOL i believe you.&nbsp; the kids in the back of my classroom smoke cigarettes all the time, and because of the draft in the room or something nobody can small it.<br />
i have a friend that goes to a school where teachers have gotten knifed
I go to a school where teachers have gotten knifed, but I don't have any friends on instructables. feelsbatman
at my school people make a pen gun with a ruber band and a pen of course man they hut and we never get caught but the kidy in a grade below us the alwasys get in troble when they do stuff like that which is so funney when they do plus we make paper nijina stars wraped in tape
i wish i could take my pocket knife to school its not like it would hurt anybody with it
Matches? Wow, kids these days - so practical and vigilant. That is sooooo not what I used to hide in my pens when I was in high school.
dude this is like useless at our school you can pretty much take a gun and not get caught
What's your school? Columbine?
No, he goes to Cow Pie High, kids drive tractors to school...
actually its columbus...indiana &gt;.&gt; and we had one kid get caught a couple days ago
So what did you hide in your pens? i wanna know
or you could just carry them i mean how often does a teacher walk up to you and ask you to turn out your pockets?<br />
With the way things are going, who knows? &quot;Matches in a school, oooh lets expell him.&quot;
1. Be careful about where you put that pen, the heat inside could melt the rubber bands (the same as being in a hot car) and it would be easier for the matches to light 2. Next time you take pictures, put a cloth down or something first, the glare from the lampshade really messes with my AD.....ooh pretty light....D Nice job though
Yeah, I have ADD too, in fact-Hey, a bunny rabbit!!!!! YAY! ummmm... What was I talking about?
me too,its really hard and not to be..uh....74!
That's freaky, I love the number 42, too.
Ever read " The hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" IT KNOW THE ANSWER! IT'S 42 I TELL YOU!!!
no! its 9:41!
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although it is very creepy
That is.............. the most awesome spam ever
i've read the trilogy!!
lol like stick it in ur pocket next thing ur on fire lol that would suck
however... how do yow turn the matches on?????
just use the on/off switch on the matchstick.
<strong>you dont turn them on u strike them</strong><br/>
lol u owned him
well u could use light anywhere matches =]<br/>
<strong>does any one know how to light a none strike anywere match (just an ordinary red head)with out the thingy on the side of the box?</strong><br/>
I think the entire point of regular matches is that they won't light on anything except the box. That would be why they are called "Safety Matches". I have heard stories of people overpacking match containers, and since they were strike anywhere matches, they lit inside the container. I would guess the best solution to this would be to separately pack a piece of the striker part of the box, or just be very careful with strike anywhere matches. Being honest, I don't think a few match heads could give you much more than a small burn, and trouble from the teacher for your backpack suddenly starting to smoke.
No I've lit normal matches on files, the grips on metal toches, that kinda stuff
Sandpaper<br />
BTW - you can strike a safety match on a window.
Strike it on your fly if you are wearing pants with a zipper. You could use anything slightly rough.
Really? I tried concrete, and it grinded off most of the match head...
lol idk how many times i tryed and i ended up with a little bit of red powder and a stick
with all the stuff going on in the world, you don't want to get caught with destructive or dangerous materials in school. Matches we're dynamite for me when I was a kid. You can make crazy explosives outta them. Be careful. This would be a great waterproof storage/tool for wilderness survival. You can replace the tip of the pen with a small exacto blade. Add a magnetized pin to the kit and u have a compass if u throw it on a floating leaf. The tin foil has millions of applications, add some fishing line, etc. Just be careful in school.
The incnspicuous bic pen tube has been used for all kinds of stealth applications by students for at least half a century (thanks, Dad!) including spitball shooting, putting a string tipped with a keychain for a tiny bullwhip... it has been explored. Putting matcheads inside one, however, might just be a new level of carelessness. I am not being mean here, just reenforcing the idea of common sense. People make bombs with hundreds of matchheads, and what you would have in your pocket would be a small firecracker. NOT GOOD. Please do not give the already insanely paraniod public school system more to freak out about!
And if you really feel the need to have fire handy (I will admit it is somewhat reassuring) take a plastic pencil sharpener like the one below, and put a bic lighter in it, then put that in a pocket of your backpack that isn't near anything too important.
good idea
My homework spontaneously combusted!

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