Sweet RC Car Mod





Introduction: Sweet RC Car Mod

this is a sweet rc car mod

I'm using a new bright ford f-150 rc you can get it from Walmart for $30 its a 6.4 volt

Step 1: Take Body and Bumper and Steps Off

you will need some small screwdrivers to get all the srcews

Step 2: Add Headlights

I got my lights at dollar tree for well $1 and it takes two AA batteries. it is a ten LED battery powered Christmas lights and I bundled them up and duct taped them together

Step 3: Shorten the Antenna

just cut it two about 3" and cut the antenna holder to 2" and put them together and you could super glue the antenna so it won't get in the way of the camera

Step 4: ADD the Camera

just find a place that your phone will fit and use some duct tape to make it where you can slide your phone in


now charge the battery and go drive it



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Questions & Answers


Great spy car...

But try to have better photo quality in your next able.the photos are very blurry!

can't afford a good camera besides my phone :(

its not your phones fault the pics are blurry unless the camera has broken on it and you werent aware that photos that are blurry are usually due to user error, or with all the newer phones since the iphone 4 at least the auto focus can not complete before it send the code to capture the picture and that will also result in a blurry pic as the phone got confused for a bit in the process of trying to think too hard :P