Sweet Easy Knex Sniper





Introduction: Sweet Easy Knex Sniper

small smi powerful knex sniper rifle that is very easy to build uses a very good block trigger and has an awesome stock

please dont make any bad comments this is a first time instructable constructive criticism accepted

Step 1: The Butt

this is the butt of the stock fairly simple

Step 2: Stock/ Handle

1. build two of these

2. connect like so

Step 3: Barrel Extension

build this (fairly simple)

Step 4: Ramrod/ Trigger System

this is the main part of the gun that has the trigger and ramod

Step 5: Put It Together

putit together likethe name says

Step 6: Add Rubberband

add the rubber bands where the pics say to

Step 7: FIRE!!!!!!

time to fire!!!!!!!!!!!

pull back rammrod and load ammo through muzzle (note may need to use rod to pushammo al the way in)



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    how did you figure out how to put "good" and "block trigger" in the same sentence

    Do you have to have the snowflake piece

    what's that black piece in the second part? (pictures 3 & 4)

     do you have to have those triangles?

    Sorry, but I wouldn't call this a sniper. I'd call it a damned fine butt, with a workable gun as an afterthought. I really do like the butt, but after building the rest of it, it was extremely anticlimactic. The pictures were also fairly poor. I had to guess at how may halfcircles were in the barrel, and I'm already running low on them, so it would have been nice to know I could have used two-ways instead. I recommend using a tripod, or alternately, a CAD program. There's an MLCAD (Mike's Lego CAD) program that does K'nex somewhere. It's not perfect, but it'd work for this.

    agreed. does this even have a trigger?

    Can't remember, that comment was made a season back.

    doesn't seem to... this doesn;t even deserve to be put on the LIST.

    "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site."