Introduction: Sweet Easy Knex Sniper

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small smi powerful knex sniper rifle that is very easy to build uses a very good block trigger and has an awesome stock

please dont make any bad comments this is a first time instructable constructive criticism accepted

Step 1: The Butt

Picture of The Butt

this is the butt of the stock fairly simple

Step 2: Stock/ Handle

Picture of Stock/ Handle

1. build two of these

2. connect like so

Step 3: Barrel Extension

Picture of Barrel Extension

build this (fairly simple)

Step 4: Ramrod/ Trigger System

Picture of Ramrod/ Trigger System

this is the main part of the gun that has the trigger and ramod

Step 5: Put It Together

Picture of Put It Together

putit together likethe name says

Step 6: Add Rubberband

Picture of Add Rubberband

add the rubber bands where the pics say to

Step 7: FIRE!!!!!!

Picture of FIRE!!!!!!

time to fire!!!!!!!!!!!

pull back rammrod and load ammo through muzzle (note may need to use rod to pushammo al the way in)


tinyhooman (author)2016-09-21

how did you figure out how to put "good" and "block trigger" in the same sentence

oblina (author)2012-02-28

Do you have to have the snowflake piece

Aethereal (author)2010-12-21

what's that black piece in the second part? (pictures 3 & 4)

Knave125 (author)2009-12-28

 do you have to have those triangles?

no you dont.

Asday (author)2009-04-15

Sorry, but I wouldn't call this a sniper. I'd call it a damned fine butt, with a workable gun as an afterthought. I really do like the butt, but after building the rest of it, it was extremely anticlimactic. The pictures were also fairly poor. I had to guess at how may halfcircles were in the barrel, and I'm already running low on them, so it would have been nice to know I could have used two-ways instead. I recommend using a tripod, or alternately, a CAD program. There's an MLCAD (Mike's Lego CAD) program that does K'nex somewhere. It's not perfect, but it'd work for this.

mettaurlover (author)Asday2009-08-15

agreed. does this even have a trigger?

Asday (author)mettaurlover2009-08-17

Can't remember, that comment was made a season back.

mettaurlover (author)Asday2009-08-17

doesn't seem to... this doesn;t even deserve to be put on the LIST.

Asday (author)mettaurlover2009-08-18

"We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site."

mettaurlover (author)Asday2009-08-18

i know; i was just stating my point ov view. it IS decent; it just doesn't deserve to be put on the list cause it doesn't have a trigger. maybe it was intended as an "add oyur own trigger" kind of gun.

this has a block trigger and the list is a group that supports block triggers. hello?!

1) DEAD comment chain 2)The List is/was a list of EVERY crappy block trigger gun on this site. I say it that way because it's true. lock triggers are only acceptable to people who are actually GOOD with k'nex when there is no better way to do the job, and those are usually converted to block-true.

awsome (author)2008-05-11

I think you made the barrel to long. It has no support and just flops around with the tension of the elastics. I went to fire and the bullet couldn't make it all the way through without me having to bend the barrel around. I like the stock though. =)

i had the same problem so i shortened the barrel.

amtdude (author)2008-06-24

block trigers anoy me

amtdude (author)amtdude2008-07-18

block trigers suck! alot!

they are awesome!

zdog (author)amtdude2008-07-22

I made a mod to the block trig and it works really good

DrWeird117 (author)amtdude2008-07-07

why? they're ingenious!

barrax (author)DrWeird1172009-02-15

no, they are not. end of discussion, already.

DrWeird117 (author)barrax2009-02-15

Matter of opinion, I guess. Sigh...

Nick F (author)2010-04-06

 What is that black piece in the tenth picture? I don't think I have it. 

Nick F (author)2010-04-06

 What is that black piece in the ninth and tenth pictures?

charlie farthing (author)2009-04-06

living in the parst

AJonesx1 (author)2009-01-20

i got to the rubber band stage but the pic's are so blurred! can you advise?

291jd87 (author)2008-10-10

dude look at my sniper

Dutchj (author)2008-01-13

There's no such thing as a good block trigger. The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

absolutfrost (author)Dutchj2008-03-18

what exactly is a block trigger? whats a different trigger?

A block trigger is..Just a thing that u set like in barrel and push above or under to fire-Another trigger is a true trigger-pistol like trigger just a real based one and its WAY better!! (PS)the list is for writing down all block trigg' gunz .dot.

adamsdead (author)Dutchj2008-01-13

Does that mean you dislike mine? lol

DrWeird117 (author)adamsdead2008-07-07

omg ur a hero in knex guns, way up there with gorkem, dsman, all those ppl! i want ur autograph! lol

Dutchj (author)adamsdead2008-01-13

Your rifle isn't bad I suppose, at least it looks fine and has a slightly more complicated barrel. The firing pin doesn't work though.

adamsdead (author)Dutchj2008-01-14

It doesn't? Huh I'll have to look into that, thanks for bringing that into my attention.

iKill (author)adamsdead2008-04-28

there are plenty of good block triggers you must be dumb

Dutchj (author)iKill2008-04-28

Says the guy who replies to Adamsdead's post to call me dumb. A pure block trigger gun is bad, get over it. I may not have formulated it correctly before though: A gun without any new features and just a block trigger is bad. Happy now?

iKill (author)Dutchj2008-04-28

going off what you said... and i quote "There's no such thing as a good block trigger. "

Dutchj (author)iKill2008-04-28

I'm not gonna argue about this. I've stated my view in several other posts.

awsome (author)2008-05-12

I also made some modifications, Actually I created a whole new gun. I took off half of the stock, up to the part with the wing piece. then I shortend the barrel to one grey rod. then I made another little handel in the front out of 2 yellow rods with 1 slot grey connectors. the only problem is you need many rubber bands to get the firing pin up to maximum power. also... it is very hard to pull back the firing pin because of all the connectors in the stock. that is why I moded it so that another grey rod is substituting the yellow...contraption. What is that black piece supposed to be?

Dutchj (author)2008-04-29

Well, I can speak Dutch, and I assume that's what you meant =D

The nickname doesn't avoid that question, sadly >_<

Matty_w101 (author)2008-03-27

sorry mate but your gun is really bad the bullet doesn't even come out the end of the fist bit i had more fun breaking it up lol tip- start again

ShotPain (author)2008-02-08

rofl certainly deserves the -9

wussap (author)2008-01-25

whwa whwa whwa whaaawwwwww

popomaster (author)2008-01-18

i just down rated it, it now has a rating of -6

bedbugg2 (author)2008-01-13

this has been posted twice! not again!

altaria1993 (author)2008-01-13

yay another block trigger! -1!

oodalumps (author)2008-01-12

Lol block trigger *puts on the list*

Whaleman (author)oodalumps2008-01-12

Someone really ought to have a paper version of the list, so we can update it as new guns come out.

oodalumps (author)Whaleman2008-01-12

I have it as a .txt

Whaleman (author)oodalumps2008-01-12

That works.

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