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. A craft mat.
. a phone case that fits your phone.
. glue ( I used PVA glue ).
.a craft knife.
. a bunch of sweet wrappers.

Step 2:

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place glue in the area you want the sweet wrapper to go and the cut of any excess around the edges with your craft knife. DO NOT STICK OVER THE CAMERA HOLE OR ANY OF THE BUTTONS.

Step 3:

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Continue this action until only the CAMERA hole is not covered. To cover the CAMERA hole stick a piece of sweet wrapper over the hole and then turn it over. When you have done this take your knife and simply poke holes around the edge. If you turn it over this should have made some guide lines for you to follow. cut along them.

Step 4:

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Do the same for the speaker hole. when you get to the buttons, you need to put glue on the surface and cover. With the knife define where the buttons are and keep pressing them now and again to make sure they don't stick. If they don't pop up again then push from the inside.

Step 5:

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Once there is none of the original case showing let it dry. If you want you can cover it in varnish but if you don't have any you can just use a layer of glue and wait for it to dry. And there you have it your own DIY phone case! Enjoy.?


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