its kinda different because if you push on part the orange box its surrounding the blade goes forward

Step 1: Getting Pieces and Eating Coco Puffs

getting pieces
-yellow 9
-red 6
-green 1
-light gray 1
-tan 1

-white 10
-black 18

Step 2: Blade and Pushy Thingy

get and all of this

Step 3: Handle

the part you hold    :J)

Step 4: Together

put it together

Step 5: Time to Add Rubbies

add a rubberband
made the knife, but you didn't tell where to put the rubber band now it dosnt work<br>
how does the blade stay in?
&nbsp;is that rat poo?
Kellog's coco puff cereal for kids, used to be advertised by a cool monkey, now replaced by a nerdy one.
&nbsp;NO its har hr stop using their copyrighted &quot;haha&quot;
&nbsp;Im sorry?
haha! :) no its cocoa puffs<br />
does the blade turn or does it do something else?<br />
it goes in the handle like a real blade<br /> <br />
ok<br />
I was the first to use the rubberband idea.
cool<br />
Yes, it is.
Where does the rubber band go?
last pic.<br />

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