Introduction: Tactical Sling

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how to create a tactical sling for under 15 euro

Step 1: Things You'll Need

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you will need:

- 3 meters of 5 cm wide strap
- 2 meters of 2 cm wide elastic
- a right sized sliding buckle
- some thread (Black is adviced)
- a right size carabiner
- spare needles
- a sewing machine

Step 2: Sewing the Main Strap

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cut the right size for you and make two of them.
sew them together (close to the edges) and make a kind of tube out of it.

Step 3: Puting the Elastic in It

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pull the tube inside out. THIS CAN TAKE A WHILE!!
pull the elastic through the tube. it's easyer to use a rope.

Step 4: Make It Stretchy

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pull the elastic 2 cm back in the tube and sew it right on the edge of the elastic.
strip up the tube to the wanted length and sew the other side of the tube (also leaving 2 cm).

Step 5: Attaching the Buckle

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get a good length of the remaining strap and sew it on the ends of the tube.

Step 6: Finish It

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get a little bit of strap and make a loop on the other side of the buckle (for the carabiner) and sew it close.



SpyrosB (author)2015-12-02

It's absolutely on my to-do list.
Still deciding between this one or the adjustable one. both of your ideas are great.

I'm thinking in adapt one of those bungees with hook ( cutting the hook out.

I just don't get why you have to turn it inside out. A wire threader would do the job. Or easier, sew the tube with a thin wire inside.

What do you think?

Thanks for this instructable

Bastien7 (author)SpyrosB2015-12-02

turning it inside out was Just for the looks on this one there is no structural reason for that

MikeS338 (author)Bastien72016-04-05

Just use Tubular Webbing.

MikeS338 (author)Bastien72016-04-05

Just use Tubular Webbing.

SpyrosB (author)Bastien72015-12-02

oh... okay.

thanks for the reply

ahauta (author)2015-02-01

Finally someone made an ible for this! Thank you so much!!!!

Bastien7 (author)ahauta2015-02-01

gonna make one yourselve? Let me know if so ;)

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