Tag You're It Turtle Pal


Introduction: Tag You're It Turtle Pal

About: I'm an editorial assistant who loves to crochet! My mom taught me to crochet when I was 12, but I hated counting my stitches and making straight rows--and I couldn't read a pattern to save my life (still can...

A true soft shell!

I designed this guy without a pattern using a spring green shade of Vanna's Choice for the head, limbs, and tail, and Caron's hunter green and Lion Brand's green suede for the shell. I started at the center of the shell, then added the limbs, head, and tail and connected the underside of the body. Lastly, I rimmed the shell with a bit more of the hunter green yarn. His eyes are hand-knotted and he's stuffed with polyfil.

Thanks for taking a peek!



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