Takedown Bow With Fiberglass Limbs





Introduction: Takedown Bow With Fiberglass Limbs

last year i started to make this bow. riser was made with unknown types of wood. limbs were made with fiberglass and maple. this is my first takedown bow, maybe i will do another after days.

Step 1: Make the Riser

Draw it on the paper. And then stick the wood blocks i'm not very sure the types of wood. use band saw for the first shape. and then use sand paper, drums, different files...

Step 2: Make the Limbs

we should make a mold for the curve of limbs. i use 2 slices of fiberglass and 2 slices of maple. measure is 1700mm*50mm*1.2mm.

Step 3: Finish Job

put the camo tape on the surfaces. now we can go out for a shot.



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    Hey, what glue do u use to combine the maple and fibreglass in the limbs? Thanks.

    can you please make a 1:1 blueprint and send it to my email?


    Nicely done my friend :)
    can you please make a 1:1 blueprint and send it to my email? i'd be very much obliged, because, unfortunately, i am no good when it comes to drawing the curves of the grip :(
    my email is rodionisimos@gmail.com :)

    thank you in advance :)

    Can you tell me where you found your riser outline? Or did u draw it? If so can you please make a blueprint 1:1 scale?? Please contact me @ spinargo@hotmail.com thank you

    what are the dimension's of your bow?

    Could you make a more detail instruct able on the limbs

    Hi, i bought these fiberglass on the internet, on a Chinese website. so if you can buy things on Chinese website you can go www.taobao.com and search then. hope can help you.