Taking Care of Your Jrotc Uniform


Introduction: Taking Care of Your Jrotc Uniform

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I'm in army jrotc but I'll teach you how to clean your brass, clean you dress shoes, and washing and hanging up the uniform

Step 1: Cleaning Your Shoes

all you need to do is use a damp cloth and rub on the scuffs and dirt on your shoes. it will take a long time but is worth it in the end.

Step 2: Cleaning Brass

I use simichrome polish and an old rag to polish nine. some use ammonia and water but I don't. you want to take the rag and put a small drop of polish on your rag,(a little goes a long way) and don't scrub it to death because it will tear the finish off.

Step 3: Taking Care of Uniform

sorry no pictures, but always take it to the cleaners, for any other reason, if you do wash it at home, wash only the shirt and pants together and don't put in dryer. let air dry. and over coat, always no matter what goes, to the cleaners cause a washer will ruin it.



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    Very Good! Pride in one's uniform shows commitment and dedication. Now, redo this instructable in a 5 Paragraph Op-Order. (Jokes, but pledge works like magic on class A/ Dress Blues, shoe's.)

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    thanks I'll try that, I'll do a better one. again thanks