$tars (dollar Bill Origami Stars)





Introduction: $tars (dollar Bill Origami Stars)

Follow these easy steps to make some $tars of your own. You don't need to be an origami prodigy or anything, this is a simple way to creatively give the gift of money. It's also a cool way to try and save money because if it's folded up it may just be too pretty to take apart. 

$tars can be made in either a 5 point or 6 point configuration and can use any denomination of bill. 

If giving as a gift, an Origami Triangle Box (https://www.instructables.com/id/Origami-Triangle-Box/) or Origami Gift Box (https://www.instructables.com/id/Origami-Gift-Box/) would make the perfect vessel to present your gift in. 

Hopefully the pictures explain well enough how to fold and connect the units but if you get stuck my commentary will be below the pictures.  If you don't need to read it then don't, explaining origami is weird and will probably just get in the way if you understand the pictures already. 

Step 1:

What you need:
-5 to 6 bills, the the crisper, less ghetto, and highest denomination the better

Step 2:

Start by admiring George Washington (if using $1 USD) and all the embellishments on the front of the bill. 

Bring the bottom edge up to meet the top edge and fold in the middle, essentially creasing the middle of George's face and messing up his nose, sorry George! 

Unfold the bill. 

Step 3:

Fold both the upper and lower right corner in to meet the middle crease. 

Fold the bottom left corner in to meet the middle crease.

Bring the right side over so that the point touches the left corner that was folded in. The point should also line up with the first fold which was the long middle crease. 

Flip the bill over so that the folded down corner is in the upper left. 

Step 4:

Unfold the upper left corner.

Fold both the upper and lover right sides in to meet at the middle crease. 

Fold the right sides in again to meet at the middle crease.

Flip the bill over. 

Step 5:

Fold the bottom edge up, under the pointy flap, as far as it will go and crease. 

Fold the button edge up like this twice more. 

You've just completed one unit of the $tar. Make 4 or 5 more then meet me at Step 6. 

Step 6:

The way to connect these units is to tuck the pokey end of one into the pocket of the other and vice verse. To do this, start by tucking the pokey end of the bill on the left into the pocket of the one on the right, as shown in the first picture. Now tuck the pokey part of the bill on the right into the pocket on the bill on the left. 

Connect either 5 or 6 units and you'll have yourself a pretty nice $tar to cherish and enjoy until you have to spend it. 



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GREAT tutorial....easy to follow even at 1:30AM on Christmas morning! The puzzle box I ordered for my Granddaughter (to put cash in) did not arrive. I made several stars with the cash and she loved them

I Love It!!! What a neat idea for a "different" Gift TYTY!!

cool! i made the shuriken from your other instructable,and you're right,it's too cool to spend.great savings tip

Haha, glad you liked it and glad it helped you save, for a little while at least haha


Lol! Though they do throw well, the intention of these is not for throwing.

This on the other hand....


bravo!! i wanna be ninja's shuriken target now

you should make a tutorial on how to make that ninja star

Hey -- this is GREAT. I like making "money trees" for young relatives (cousins, nephews, etc.), and these will really add some style to my next project!