Tarp Kite





Introduction: Tarp Kite

a cool kite that can make you fly

Step 1: What You Need

a big tarp

some rope

a harness if you dont whant to hold on to the string

Step 2: Making the Kite

first take 2 edges from the tarp and tie them together with enough string left over to hold on or tie to your harness also make sure to have a good grip because it will drag you down and if you are wearing a harness tie it to the harness

Step 3: Flying It

find a windy day and hold up the tarp so that the wind can cacht it and hold on tyte depinding on your tarp sise the wind will take longer if it is biger and shorter if smaller

Step 4: Have Fun

have fun but be careful I got hurt doing this so im not reasposible of any injury's



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    Hello in your photos i cannot see how your kite should look like...

    Can you make better ones?

    what were the extent of these injusries?

    hey, well other people can try it then take pics :) if i ever do ill take a picture and post it so you can see, ill even post a video, which would be awesome 

    can yo make it with a tent fly

    I once made a kite out of a tarp with a pvc pipe frame. Long story short, it dragged about six people a hundred feet before it hit the beach and self-destructed. (It needed a heavier tail, it had 6 soda cans full of sand {which nearly killed someone } but the kite was still too unstable and would not stay upright in the high winds known to Oregon Beaches).

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    wow that sounds more high tech. than mine but i just saw my tarp and some rope on a windy day and i said why not?

    man I thought of doing this before I saw this. Still I'm gonna try it. Can it lift you off the ground??

    depends on how much wind there is and how big your tarp is

    high enough were it lifted me off the ground so pretty high

    no we only have a few windy days where i live

    its not really worth our time to try this unless we know it works so without a picture of it working the insttructables not really compleat

    sorry i havnt had any windy days ever sence the day before i made this

    ...more pictures... ( in air ) please...