Step 7: Needles and ink

Picture of needles and ink
Needles and ink:
In this step we will be creating the needles and the needles guide (I'm sorry for the lack of photos, sometimes I forget).

Needle guide:
File the end of the tube until you are way passed half way, leaving a plate of metal sticking out. Grind a screw or something you don't really care about until its sharp, then hammer it through the piece of thebe that's left from the filing. This should leave a tiny hole for the needle to fit through. Then bend the plate up against the tube so that it creates a closing for the tube *be sure to leave an opening to pour ink through!

Creating needles:
It's worth buying real tattooing needles for your own hygiene. They aren't too expensive and are much safer. But in my case I'm going to make them myself using guitar wire. Remove the D string from an electric guitar or just buy one, then unravel the thin wire spun around it. Sand one end only in one direction then bend the other end into a loop. Thread it down the tube and place the loop under the screw in the linear mechanism.

Be sure to use water based inks. The best ink of Corse would be a bought one. If you use normal pen ink or anything like that, your body will reject it and all the infected skin will rot and scab. The retard who I'm selling the gun too tattooed himself using a needle and some BIC ink in the shape of a peace symbol, it rotted to the depth that the needle penetrated too in about a week. I'll post some pictures or something later.
Sanding the wire is a bad idea. That creates small grooves in the metal that become a breeding ground for bacteria. Go with your first suggestion and use professional needles.
or you could just boil the needle in rubbing alc before every use. that will prevent bacteria. =]
maybe bacteria but not hepititis, staph, or hiv.

the only real way to sterilize tubes for a real tattoo MACHINE is in an autoclave. and needles should only be used once.