Picture of tattoo machine out of household material
build a prison style tattoo machine out of househeld items.
tools: needle nose pliers, knife, philips head screwdriver
parts: toothbrush, ball point pen, guitar string, mechanical pencil eraser, and electric motor from tape recorder
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Step 1: Find a motor

Picture of find a motor
i found mine in a tape recording machine. I heard that tape machine motors were the standard, but i have also heard of tattoo machines made of nintendo 64 rumble pack motors. When you find your motor, rip it out and take note of the positive and negative wires. Also rip off the stock gear attached to the motor crank. You will be replacing the stock gear with a mechanical pencil eraser fitted to the guitar string needle.

Step 2: Make the frame

Picture of make the frame
I used a plastic tooth brush. First I cut off the head with the bristles. Then i melted a 90 degree angle in the top of the brush for the motor to rest on.

Step 3: Cut up a pen for the tube

Picture of cut up a pen for the tube
find a normal ball point pen and take out the ink and the tip to use the shell for the tube of your needle. Get those guts out and then tape the tube to the outside of the toothbrush. Then connect the toothbrush frame to the motor so that the eraser gear hangs over the edge of the toothbrush. Take your guitar string and bend it in a 90degree angle. Then stick the angled string through the eraser stuck to the motor near an edge. Next cut the needle so that it only pokes through the tube when the motor is turned on.

Step 4: Get stoked, you're done

Picture of Get stoked, you're done
I have my motor connected to a power source with alligator clips, but it would work better with a power foot switch . Connect it, dip it in ink and you're ready to go ruin lives.
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This cannot POSSIBLY be safe. Tattoo parlors (you know, where you go and pay a PROFESSIONAL who's taken classes and earned certificates and knows how to handle the bodily fluids and proper disposal of equipment and such-like) can get shut down for not having sanitary working conditions - what makes you think your house is clean enough? I'm willing to bet that if you're making a tattoo gun with sewing machine needles and parts from a tpe player, you're not paying any attention to sterilizing your equipment, buying actual tattoo ink, and cleaning your skin before tattooing it. Are you trying to contract staph infection from those nasty bugs that live on your skin?

professionals dont take classes the most they would do i have had an apprenticeship or maybe taken art classes but there is no such thing as a tattoo certification for everywhere the most is to get certified to tattoo at one shop

he asked you how did u make a needle to go up n down n not in circle? ;) itz not spanish,itz bosnian language lol :D
it is bent at a 90 degree angle where it connects to the eraser.
have fun with your hepatitus
i like the ible and i like the stiletto in picture one i got one too
the circular action of the motor is converted to an eliptical one by the use of a cam.  this is why the needle is able to travel up and down.
dsman1952767 years ago
this is a very bad idea. good job on making it but i would never use this. you could get STAFE infection.
i allways clean mine withh iodine
It's Staph Infection, and if you use sterile tat needle bars you'll be fine.
oops, i am not a expert on the subject. all i know is that it is called a STAPH (my typing used to be really bad, so i missed that typo) infection, and you can get it from tattoos with out sterile needles.
eyerobot5 years ago
Finally someone made sense out of the guitar string method for me, Good job chris.

The string is seated off center, On an eraser, Attached to a horizontally mounted motor shaft, Then bent downward towards the tube.
The off center movement of the guitar string forces it up and down.

Just in case someone else cant wrap their brain around how this thing works.

One question i dont see answered in any of these instructibles about tattoo machines is, How deep should the needle penetrate into the skin?
A minimum distance would do for a start position, As I realize skin has different thicknesses, But one setting for all skin types seems possible, And a far sight safer than eyeballing it.
I just dont like the idea of gouging someones muscles, Just to learn how far is too far.
dmwl6 years ago
I'm trying to do this can someone tell me how I get the motor to go I took it out of an old radio and it wont run on battery's or any thing else (I even tried to plug it straight into the wall nearly killed myself) :)
the motor is probly froze. id go to a thrift store or yard sales and look for r.c. cars. they have good motors. and the bigger thr r.c. the bigger the motor.
veverica6 years ago
kako si uradio da se igla ne okrece u krug vec gore dole ja pokusavam al nemogu
I see you don't. That's not spanish. :)
420 4 life5 years ago
i blue my hand of will making a gun....not fun!!
MUNCHINE5 years ago
BlondGuy1015 years ago
This looks mighty cool, how does it perform versus, say, a Dreamer Liner/Shader? Also I'm not sure why some commenters seem concerned about skin or blood infections etc. the use of sterile practise and proper needles/inks as well as aftercare means there is no problem
tom irons6 years ago
dude are you serious, from a tape player?! sweet!! maybe next we can make one outta a excersize bike!! then upload your finished tattoos to grimycharms.com !! holler!
i made one out of a motor from a electric razor that was battery powered and weighed under a pound fir perfectly in your hand of course i did tatt's with it using pen ink so they fade out after about 3 months you just change out the batteries and guitar string though and it worked perfectly
NinjaSloth6 years ago
One of my friends made a tattoo gun out of the motor from one of those chattering teeth toys, some guitar string, and a few other things and gave himself a cotton mouth kings emblem tattoo on his left arm.
you might want to include the "power source" as part of your materials, at first i thought you had the motor plugged directly to the wall!
you use the power supply from the stereo and attach it to the leads with allegator clips.
whitedem0n7 years ago
must the electric motor be from a tape recorder
Nope, any will do... they're just about the right size.
A video of it working would be cool, but it looks dangerous.
Mine works great
i made a pacman tattoo with this gu n and it worked great
You tattoed yourself?! OMG I would never do this ever times pi squared to infinity!
i thought my dremel mite work and it did
Eidolonmyst7 years ago
Use a sewing machine foot pedal
CapnTac7 years ago
Or, you could just shell out 75 dollars and buy one, and that way you won't catch diseases. =-(
Sgt.Waffles7 years ago
Old. Also, enjoy your hepatitis.
Will do [:
blindrage7 years ago
Good instructable, but you should have titled it "Fun with blood-borne pathogens!"
mrmath7 years ago
I second the sterilization thing. Also, what do you use for ink? I would think that if you could get the guitar string needle to go into the plastic instead of an eraser, that might last longer, but what do I know.
india ink
jnixon7 years ago
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