Teardrop Trailer's by the Bicycle Surgeon





Introduction: Teardrop Trailer's by the Bicycle Surgeon

I deal in recycled bicycles, I believe all bikes should have at least 2 life's. So I get a lot of used stuff, like Kid's trailers , strollers, trailer bike's etc. I decided to try making a teardrop trailer. Well 1 has become 2 and now I'm seeing a pile of Burly, ll Bean, toys-r-us. older wagon's. What better to do with them than recycle them for a new life, And do it COOL First trailer is a toys-r-us frame. The second one is a LL.Bean frame



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    could I use this as a passenger trailer

    That chopper looks perfect for a 2 stroke kit.....makes the trailer really light! I have been plotting a trailer build for a long time...these are a couple of my bikes...be posting soon

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    This is great. I've built a traditional (see my instructable), and I'm constantly getting asked about making one for a bike our motorcycle.

    Nice work .I've made one out of sheet aluminun for an old Burly . I'll post a picture just for inspirational purposes as I didn't know about instructables at the time .

    You should make a step-by-step Instructable for one of these so someone else can make one too!

    im having trouble commenting and dont know if it came thru but can you email me deafdragonmike@yahoo.com regarding cost of the teardrop bike camper trailer and shipping costs? and describe the trailer and send pics. thanks. michael.

    yup It's on the drawing table ,gona be a little wider and longer and 12 volt power and a converter for 110volts. "Camper special" Old school #1.

    Thanks for your interest

    Make it small, add water, watch it grow :)