Teardrop Trailer's by the Bicycle Surgeon




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Introduction: Teardrop Trailer's by the Bicycle Surgeon

I deal in recycled bicycles, I believe all bikes should have at least 2 life's. So I get a lot of used stuff, like Kid's trailers , strollers, trailer bike's etc. I decided to try making a teardrop trailer. Well 1 has become 2 and now I'm seeing a pile of Burly, ll Bean, toys-r-us. older wagon's. What better to do with them than recycle them for a new life, And do it COOL First trailer is a toys-r-us frame. The second one is a LL.Bean frame



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    could I use this as a passenger trailer

    That chopper looks perfect for a 2 stroke kit.....makes the trailer really light! I have been plotting a trailer build for a long time...these are a couple of my bikes...be posting soon

    lezpark.jpggreenline 42613.jpg

    This is great. I've built a traditional (see my instructable), and I'm constantly getting asked about making one for a bike our motorcycle.

    Nice work .I've made one out of sheet aluminun for an old Burly . I'll post a picture just for inspirational purposes as I didn't know about instructables at the time .

    You should make a step-by-step Instructable for one of these so someone else can make one too!

    im having trouble commenting and dont know if it came thru but can you email me deafdragonmike@yahoo.com regarding cost of the teardrop bike camper trailer and shipping costs? and describe the trailer and send pics. thanks. michael.

    What kind of frames are those? Backpack frames?

    any welding involved?

    gonna make one u can camp in? :) like a good ol' real teardrop :3

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    yup It's on the drawing table ,gona be a little wider and longer and 12 volt power and a converter for 110volts. "Camper special" Old school #1.

    Thanks for your interest

    Make it small, add water, watch it grow :)