Tech Deck Enhancement





Introduction: Tech Deck Enhancement

this is an instructable which shows you how to bend the ends of your board and give it more pop, you can c my other instructables on how to further personalize your board.

Step 1: Materials

you will need a stove or lighter, some pipe or pencil if u want to curv the edges without potentially burning your finger, and of corse, a tech deck.

Step 2: Burn!

now try to burn it but not let it catch on fire like i did...... just do it like the way on the 2'nd pic

Step 3: Done

yea, the only thing i ave to say is that try not to bend them toooo much or u won't have any control at all. 2'nd pic is wha it looks like when u put your fingers in front of the flash thing, random but cool



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In my opinion that is cheating...

it works i use my lamp leave it one for an hour and set the deck on it it gets soft and then i has kicks so be nice this tutorial is cool

this is the ghetto way. lol

wow this is horrible for the enviroment and techdecking

it's just the only place the camera didn't reflect

cool but it is easyer if you heat it up on a real one instead of the stove.

sorry i meant a real thing meant for heating stuff up you get them in dt labs at school forgot what they're called