Picture of teckdeck to snowboard
things you need
  • teckdeck fingerboard
  • teckdeck skate tool


Step 1: Taking off the trucks

Picture of taking off the trucks
take the trucks off the bottom of the board with the skate tool by unscrewing the bolts on the board
i dont even think this needed an 'ible
Hellchild5 years ago
Isn't this self-explanatory, and utterly useless?
rigidmaster5 years ago
guys check out my finger ripstik
type in tech deck ripstik
and check it out
rigidmaster5 years ago
the easiest way to take griptape off a fingerboard is to use a lighter.
try it globe
munger175 years ago
takieng the trucks of makes it a snowskate not a snowboard

Okay, im not gonna be TOO hard on you, but WOW. THAT IS AN AWESOME SNWBRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk, its actually kinda stupid. if it were me, and im not try to be mean, but u should take OFF the griptape, make some duct tape snwbrd boots like in a simlar instructable and BAM! NOW u hav a snwbrd! YAY 4 u!

skylerdray5 years ago
Well, it was a very nice instructable.
dude, yea i dont mean to be mean but this is NOT an instructable its just a simple 1 step process of disassembling a tech deck.
bylerfamily6 years ago
Here is a tip:smear the bottom with some ski wax to make it go faster and smoother.
jayro7076 years ago
well, just tips, maby 4 ur next instuctable u can maby put some gi-joe boots on the "snow board" to make it look like a real one
mhavrilla886 years ago
simple yet good, 4/5
drtnation6 years ago
guys, don't be mean to the guy IT'S HIS FIRST INSTRUCTABLE
globe (author)  drtnation6 years ago
BLAKHAT6 years ago
that was the suckiest instructable ive ever seen
the hell??