iv just moved house and i had an old t.v. arial lying around that i wanted to "recycle"

i also had some corks from another project im working on, and a few sparkers from electric lighters...

the result is an extendable rod that gives a small shock

Step 1: Tools and Materials

you will need.....


2x wine corks (i used plastic to save the environent but real would work)
indoor t.v. arial removed from housing/or other extendable metal rod
shocker from electric lighter


hobby knife

*it wont let me do image notes on this pic but its fairly self-explanatory
 how wel does this thing work?
i hooked two antennea up to my taser that i mad eout of one of them bugzapper raquets. that is truly a stun gun.
great for long range, would probly work well for something of that sorta power!
how much does it hurt?
it doesnt hurt that much at all realy, its like how the sparkers would normally be but maybey a bit weaker when fully extended.
yeah, i accidentally figured that out
Hey your symbol is 47 from Hitman:Contracts.
I bet you picked up some good fonts with the TV 'arial'. It's 'aerial' btw(;p)
when you shoot close up pictures there should be a little flower simbol, set your camera to that.
cheers, i did for some of them but im using my camera phone and mybey wen i zoomed in i didnt hold it steady enough
how does using plastic corks save the environment more toxins are released into the air making them that cause a lot more damage to the environment than harvesting natural cork. By the way most plastics come from petroleum( ie. oil, fuel, gas to run a car) a resource that is rapidly depleting and takes millions of years to make whilst cork trees only take 60 to 90 years to be harvest ready. most plastics do allot more harm than good the world is polluted with plastic
i agree, natural corks are better for the environment and make wine seem more authentic. its probably only a price issue rather than a green one.
hmmm nice but it inst really a tazer just a little shocker to mess with ur friends
i have an idea. Get a small hollow metal cylinder that is open at one end, make a paste of gunpowder and water, fill the cylinder with it, seal the cylinder, Pass a high voltage through it, and see what happens. i've never tried that before, but i think you should have an electrically-operated bullet. if it works let me know. my e-mail is: maguye007@yahoo.com Nb:make sure there is enough gunpowder in the paste. The voltage should heat and immediately cause the gunpowder to ignite (i think). :-)
ha..ive got dat same addidas cologne but the red version..my bro has the blue one
haha, actualy i think mine is umbro or rebok (its upstairs and i cant be botherd to look lol)
oh ye i checked mine. it is umbro!
no nice. not that great. alright
Great job. The pictures aren't too good, but I can get the idea, awesome job.

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