Picture of tennis ball Kinetic Sculpture by:ME!
this instructable is how to make a Kinetic Sculpture using everyday household items


Picture of REINFORCE!
put the duct tape around the top edge of the plastic bag so it does not rip when you have to put the tennis ball through it
chewy39394 years ago
What the heck is this? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!
Funnymonk4 years ago
It's a good start but I'm not entirely sure what you're making, is it a basketball hoop for tennis balls? I think it may need more of a description but it's a nice start.
mikethemaster123 (author)  Funnymonk4 years ago
it is not a tennis ball hoop it is a Kinetic Sculpture where you drop a ball through a bag then it hits a piece of cardboard and rolls off
really useful