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in this instrutable i will show you how to make a tension rench. allso iam not liable for any stupid thing you do with this but please dont pick any lock you dont have th right to.

Step 1: Wat You Need

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ok so this step will tell you wat u need.
1)bench grinder
2)small flate head screw driver
3)vice or pliers

Step 2: Grind

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ok so once u have all of the stuff u need to get the bench grinder and flaten both sides.
p.s i recomend that you where gloves doing this.

Step 3: All Most Finished

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ok so now you need to put it in your vice and bend it make shure you put it in so the vice clamps hold the flat sides.

Step 4: Tada

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congratulations youve just made a tension rench.p.s this is my first instrutable so tell me where i whent wrong.


jakezcop (author)2009-02-15

i like it...

thedog458 (author)jakezcop2009-02-16


jakezcop (author)thedog4582009-02-16

your welcome

Mr. Poppalopolis (author)2008-06-09

Looks nice. The pics are a bit blurry, but that might be your camera. I would say add more pics for the end result, from a couple different angles. And yeah, maybe use a spell checker (just get Firefox). But you showed everyone how to make it.

tyvm for the comment

randofo (author)2008-04-21

Hi! This looks great, but you need to add an image of the finished product to the intro step. Please let me know when you add it and I'll remove this comment.

bhunter736 (author)randofo2008-04-24

The finished product is showing. : )

thedog458 (author)randofo2008-04-21

hey thanks for the comment I put in the finished product at the start lie you asked.

ToyMaker (author)2008-04-22

nice tool be a better 'ible if you used the spell checker

thedog458 (author)ToyMaker2008-04-23

yer i now i just loked at

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