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A while back Danger is my middle name found a list on Buzzfeed titled "23 Ice Pops to Get You Drunk" and suggested we make some. I could think of no reason why we shouldn't. :P

All of the popsicles were beautiful, but I was especially drawn to the tequila sunrise popsicles by Real Food by Dad. How pretty are those?! They just scream summer.

What follows is my version of tequila sunrise popsicles and my first ever professional video! I think both turned out very well - they really do taste just like the drink! :D

Step 1: Ingredients + tools

Picture of Ingredients + tools


  • 1 pound fresh/frozen pineapple
  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup tequila (original recipe called for 3/4 cup)
  • 1 tsp grenadine for each popsicle


  • blender
  • popsicle molds

This recipe makes loads of popsicles! (Or just can just drink the extra. I'm a genius. I just realized that.)

I used two molds: Norpro standard popsicle molds, and round popsicle molds from Zoku.

CrayfishYAY27 days ago

I immediately thought of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws-YqUcD0LY

So how do you make a non-alcoholic version?

Jakejb37 months ago
I would use Everclear instead
nerd74731 year ago

Where did you get the mold? I didn't see a link but I just skimmed... I want to do a coffee popsicle

That sounds good...maybe add some Tia Maria or Kahlua to the recipe....that'll start the day off nicely.

that does sound good

KathleenM111 months ago

This gave me an idea for Harvey Wallbanger granita!

Whoop whoop!

bgipson112 months ago

Awsome and Soooo easy and down right good Thanks

Mex51501 year ago

I've made similar popsicles to these a few times, I use a syringe to deposit the
grenadine about halfway down in the middle, this way you keep the
lighter coloured top end nice and pristine, but perhaps that's just my
OCD kicking in again LOL

dbess1 year ago
I watched the video , Love your kitchen! I will be making these for friends as I don't drink anymore but still looks tasty!
sabu.dawdy1 year ago

i really like the colour =D

Wow! Wonderful recipe. The video is awesome.

Haha! Love them! And the video was great too! I do have some bad experience with tequila shots, so look forward to try these :-)

tofugami1 year ago
Love all the popsicles you've been making. This one looks pretty. I'm with everyone else. The video is short and sweet.
This looks so fun! I love the colors! =P

Video star in the making!

What a fun recipe! By the way, that video is already awesome by itself, I loved it! :D

xGrape1 year ago

Looks super yummy! Favorited!

The title says it all..so yum!

seamster1 year ago

The video was great! I especially liked the cake stencil.