Terminator T-650 Halloween Costume




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Introduction: Terminator T-650 Halloween Costume

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Terminator T-650 Halloween Costume



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    It's a bit annoying when people use this site as a place to show off what they've made rather than to show how they've made it. You've already got Facebook for that, people here are interested in something with a bit more content.

    I'd like to see how it was built

    This is pretty awesome but it would be even better it the gun was pointed at your head and your hands were tied behind your back 9 i do realize that you need hands im just saying have a friend tie them for the pictures)

    Video? Instructable?

    That Terminator is after Indiana Jones!!!

    RUN INDY!!!

    Would you like to buy or know how to build it?

    you got to show me how to make that

    Dude, that's AWESOME!!!