Test Grab Bag With Misc. Electronics Provided by Jameco





Introduction: Test Grab Bag With Misc. Electronics Provided by Jameco

Our maker space received a package of electronics sent from Jameco. some of them are new, like LEDs, Jumpers, Batteries, and breadboards. some are all kinds of used components.
before using those used electronics, we spent some time to test if they still works.   

Step 1: Test Equipment

DC power supply, circuit test, frequency test and other meters. 

Step 2: New Electronics in Bags and Boxed Are Well Functioned

LED, jumper, breadboard and battery  works well.

Step 3: Misfunctioned Electronics

malfunctioned parts were picked out and not delivered to makers.



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    Do you know where I can get a good power supply and oscilloscope? I've tried EBay, amazon and a few electronics distributors but I run into either the "too expensive" problem, or the "I think they are tryin to sell me a painted cardboard box" situation. Any help? I would almost be willing to build my own from scratch, but there is no "for dummies" books out there, on that topic -_-

    Building a power supply is fairly easy but the scope is another story. Depending on what you need you may be able to use a computer's audio input as a cheap & dirty scope. There are kits out there & at least 1 Instructable on here about building one. https://www.instructables.com/id/PC-SOUND-CARD-SCOPE-INTERFACE-FACILITATES-DC-RESTO/.

    not there or link is broken?

    just search for it on Instructables home page ...

    If you don't need a variable power supply you could use a modified PC power supply. There are any number of Instructables on this. Gives you +-12,+5 & +3.3v ,good for most anything you want to do.

    Ah! I will look into those! Thank you!