Introduction: Test of the Snipers Light

my camera is to shitty for you to be able to see the light at long distance thats why i closed the door and showed you how i can see it at long distance by aiming at the wall


maruawe (author)2010-02-06

Sorry but snipers use available light. this would get you killed in the field in about 2 seconds. After 20 odd years of experience ,my advice is not to turn it on except in paint ball  or something like that ........ 

aceLED (author)maruawe2010-02-25

.....i saw a "snipers light" on crossfire when i was checking out guns and gun apps and i figured i could make one thats why on the actual instructable its all in quotes

ilpug (author)aceLED2011-01-21

one should not beleive everything they see on the internet.

wac (author)2010-02-24

Maybe we could name it "(long distance) pointer light" rather than "sniper light". :) Just to make it clear that the light is not suitable for sniper applications.

ossumguywill (author)2010-02-06

what maruawe said, but on top of that if you want to illuminate your target you use a laser. Now we use IR lasers with NVGs so we can't be detected unless someone else has an NVG too. Cool project though.

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