Testing the Best Knex Grenade



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Introduction: Testing the Best Knex Grenade

About: i like to play sports and skate board

me testing the king of all knex grenades



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    wut i have no clue what you just did

    Blackout in the vid

    he's right all are ecwill so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah if one sucks the rest do to

    i have that nerf gun :P

    dsman195276 = Legend

    I love this comment. Hahahaha :D

    :-). But I mean, that's all he does in the video lol.

    But the way your saying is funny, haha :D

    i lol'd at lord voldamort and the george bush pic and at dsman's comment

     someone should make a knex grenade with actual force as most of em  are just a bunch of loose pieces wot fall apart wen u chuck em

    throw it at the wall with the pin in and it will still have the same explosion.

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