The 1-step Eco-safe Hydro/pressure-powered Bottle Rocket With No Cost!





Introduction: The 1-step Eco-safe Hydro/pressure-powered Bottle Rocket With No Cost!

i came up with this idea after my dad told me to leave my real bottlerockets alone and i got bored. so... vuala!

Step 1: Tools

1 bike needle
1 bike pump
infinite plastic bottles
that's all!!!

Step 2: Launching

stick the needle through the cap and pump! note:hold the bottle down until launch. you can also add some water...;)

Step 3: Launch!

pump and release!!!!



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    water cannot be presurized

    You don't fill it with water, just add between 1/4 and 1/3 of the bottle's capacity.

    If you wanna know why it works, become a physicist or read this wiki.

    That's an inflating needle for sports balls, not a "bike needle". I don't know how you could use one on a bike.... :-)

    I suppose that you could use it to let the air out of the tires... it's about the right size to depress that little pin.

    That would make it an anti-bike needle! (LOL)

    ty dacker... i feel dumb now,lol.


    I'm sorry, but where is the hydro "electric"aspect of this rocket

    yeah thats what i thought of when i saw it!

    This is known in my household as the 'John Noakes Rocket' - Blue Peter, circa 1970. It's one of those 'toys' which has stood the test of time. Try it with a washing-up liquid bottle (with the small nozzle) with around two inches of water inside. (Sticky back plastic is optional #;¬)