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About: I am a senior in high school hoping to get into MIT for the fall of 2011 and be able to build on the many ideas I have revolving in my head that can go far beyond creating things for Halloween. I enjoy build...

my family and I created a decent replica of the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl for Halloween 2010, had well over 1000 visits in the 5 hours we were giving out candy and had a lot of fun, working cannons which i have an instructable for and lights, 3 sails, a captains quarters, davy jones, jack sparrow, all the works. The night was truly awesome

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    Holy cow! I can't even find words for how cool this is! VERY well done!!!!

    you wouldnt happen to be in santa barbara are you, that was done here also

    Too much Time, Too much Money...

    thanks! unfortunately no video tho =( the only night it would of been worth filming would of been Halloween night but we just get too busy and there's no time to pull out a camera haha, all the night shots were taken the following night

    i feel terrible... I want to vote for you soo bad. You did so good. But your my competition...... Bah! you deserve it! you have my vote!

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    I appreciate that, its a really nice job on the hat though, it actually looks authentic, way more than the one at Disneyland

    Very ambitious, but the final result looks amazing! Congratulations!

    we worked on it for about 4 weekends, it was hard to work during the week due to an actual job, those always get in the way=) but for the whole week before Halloween it was from 5 to 10 every night trying to finish, all in all it was probably somewhere around 60 to 70 hours of work put together