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ok i've tried this many times before and all my family freaked out its really funny!!!hope u enjoy!!!

Step 1: Things u need

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you will need a dollar bill and a toilet paper roll

Nice instructable but for the pictures try not to use a webcam.

Pfarmkid3 years ago
but but but my dollar
caarntedd3 years ago
I like to unroll some paper, write an amusing comment, and roll it back up. It doesn't cost anything (except time, and I'm just sitting there anyway), and everyone gets a laugh.
Sounds fun for april fools.......................
kylekosan23 (author)  caarntedd3 years ago
haha ya thats a pretty good one too another thing like it is to get 1 piece of toilet paper write something funny on it then let it float with the words on top
Awesome! I'm doing that tonight at work!
kylekosan23 (author)  caarntedd3 years ago
haha cool
problem is, you lose a dollar.
kylekosan23 (author)  RadioactiveBees4 years ago
haha ya but its worth it!!
not if your a poor person like me ;P
You could always sell your computer.
haha, this is my mom and dads computer. weve got a computer upstairs, downstairs, and a laptop, but i STILL dont have my own :P hopefully ill get money for my birthday tommorrow :P
You could use a dollar from someone else in the house, that way when they find it, no-one is up or down ;) They will just THINK they are better off ;)
lol! ya!
its an anonymous 'random act of kindness'.
kylekosan23 (author)  popcorn4lunch4 years ago
haha ya
I really like this! I'll have to file it away for later....
kylekosan23 (author)  NightHawkInLight4 years ago
thank you
A good idea, I like it, but I can't help but shiver in a Mitchell and Webb 'Grammar Nazi' sort of fashion!


Sorry to be so pernickety, I like the Instructable! ")
Pernickety is the original english word, from scottish origin in the early 19th century. Persnickety is the North American variant of the word, developed much later, in the late 20th century, so they both mean the same thing and are both correct.
*Cough* NERD *Cough*
*Cough* First link on Google *Cough*

Also, forgive me for thinking that the pot may just be calling the kettle black a bit there "CodeKid1001"...
I guess I shouldn't be talking. After all, I am the 14 year old college student.
kylekosan23 (author)  CodeKid10014 years ago
well, I sit corrected of my incorrect correction.
Haha, well your correction was a correct correction, as was what you where correcting, so there was nothing incorrect to correct... I think... :)
kylekosan23 (author)  anonymouse1974 years ago
Haha, I'm afraid that one's not quite right :)
kylekosan23 (author)  anonymouse1974 years ago
haha ya i screwed up
kylekosan23 (author)  anonymouse1974 years ago
Haha thats beast
kylekosan23 (author)  patriots88884 years ago
vishalapr4 years ago