Introduction: The KFBASR

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coming Christmas to instructables this is my true bolt action sniper with mag and chamber cover

KFBASR knexfreaks bolt action sniper rifle

mods are coming daily but this is a great gun

tell me if you r exited or  think i shouldn't do this

CAUTION may or may not contain BLOCK



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    IDK! But I finished it!
    I modded it a little to work better, do you wanna see some pics of my version?

    I was joking.
    I was also going to have a picture of my dog, and say my dog was blocking the gun, but I decided not to.

    dang :( wish i coeld see through that blanket!
    ps ^if it is a block trig, i garentee i can come up with a true trig in a matter of mins for it :)