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Introduction: The KFBASR

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coming Christmas to instructables this is my true bolt action sniper with mag and chamber cover

KFBASR knexfreaks bolt action sniper rifle

mods are coming daily but this is a great gun

tell me if you r exited or  think i shouldn't do this

CAUTION may or may not contain BLOCK



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     dude check out the one after this

    OOOOOh nevermind...

    im so stoopid...

    its suposed to a suprise christmas gun did you read intro desciption

    At least show ONE part of the gun, blank out the rest if you have to.

    ah it6s not that far away anyway


    Looks awesome.
    I'm gonna try to build it from the pics!

    5 replies

    ??????????????????????????? how you can only see the shape

    IDK! But I finished it!
    I modded it a little to work better, do you wanna see some pics of my version?

    I was joking.
    I was also going to have a picture of my dog, and say my dog was blocking the gun, but I decided not to.

    thanks for telling me it would have been funny though

    dang :( wish i coeld see through that blanket!
    ps ^if it is a block trig, i garentee i can come up with a true trig in a matter of mins for it :)