hey guys ! i am finally posting this gun i presented originally in my "three bolt action delights" instructable. as the title says, it is a bullpup bolt action rifle with a removable magazine. it functions awesomely and gets around 50 feet with 1 band, and about 90-100 feet with two bands. to get more information about it, refer to my three bolt action delights instructable. so here you go, enjoy.

don't miss my other new instructable for my S3, as well as my two new forums. i also uploaded the pics for my FKG and added two new pictures to my S2 'ible for the new pin guide support.

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Step 1: Build the Gun

in this step you will be building the entire gun. good luck.
<p>what 'caliber' does it shoot. does it shoot normal rods, or connectors??</p>
wow i hate this new way of displaying pictures. instructables is just getting worse with every update. it's unbelievable...
+1 It's pretty annoying. Great job on this one BTW!
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