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Introduction: The S2 Bolt Action Pistol

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hey guys ! this is the next gun in my S series of guns which are supposed to be my best guns yet in different categories. anyway, this is a b/a pistol (true, obviously) that i built 6 months ago, but didn't finish. there were problems and bugs and so on... i dug it up of the closet about two weeks ago and gave it another go and it now works amazingly !!! the range/strength is just the same as the zkar or my S1 (about 50 ft with one #28 band, about 100+ ft with three), which is amazing since it's just a teeny, tiny pistol. it's very comfortable, quite accurate (up to about 30~40 ft), VERY strong and has great looks (IMO). it also has a realistic feel to it, the way you cock it and the size... anyway, i'll stop annoying you for now, and let you be annoyed by my video lol.

check out the instructable of it.



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    Yes it does! I don't know, it just came naturally and I went with it lol. I'm sure rwj won't notice...

    Looks good. Does it chamber the round or something? Do the rounds interlock? I might build it when I free some parts up.

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    bolt action means it chambers the round. when you pull the bolt, or in this case slide, back, it cocks the ram and let's a bullet from the magazine go up to the place where the bolt pin (orange rod in this case) was. then, when you push the bolt back forward, or in this case let go of it and let it go forward on it's own, it pushes the fresh bullet onto a ramp which causes it to go up to the chamber, where it is held in place by a bullet lock and then fired when you pull the trigger. this mechanism was invented by Zak (in his zkar) to eliminate the interlocking problem and allow for a gun that is essentially a one-shot, but with a mag. if you don't understand what i mean i'll draw you a sketch. basically it's what real guns do.

    Yep, I understand the concept. Sometimes people call a gun a bolt action just for having a bolt on the outside though. Which I suppose should have been fairly obvious to me that that wasn't what you meant whereas you have no bolt sticking out of this, but I couldn't see the inside so I wanted to know.

    yes, that's true, but lately, people don't just throw the word bolt action around for having an external loading handle on their gun. it's something that used to happen a lot, but not anymore. anyway if a person says true bolt action, rest assure that it chambers the round.

    oh ok. i don't get why you don't just take the gun apart and rebuild it while taking pics. it's not that difficult, and it will take like a tenth of the time this is taking you. you should be able to finish making all the pics you need in a little less than 2 hours, maybe 3 because it's a big gun. besides, mlcad can sometimes be harder to understand than pics of the real live thing.

    Yeah, I know. I like challenges, but I seem to have hit the limit of difficulty on MlCad trying to make these instructions perfect and now it's just driving me crazy, I'm going to use a different approach next time. I think I'll just design it on the computer as if I were doing it by hand next time, that should be much faster and simpler. My approach for this gun has been to design separate models of all the guns parts, and then, well, never mind, the process I used this time is a complicated mess anyways. The main reason I kept making them on the computer was for a challenge- to make a perfect, clear instructable, but that's getting old and tiring. As I said, I'm going to simplify it next time.

    the mlcad models aren't always so clear and perfect. they are usually harder to understand than real pictures. i don't know, it seems like a big waste. also, what's the challenge in that? you know how to operate the software. the design itself is just a lot of unnecessary hard work. but you know, if you'd rather like this, i'm no one to tell you what to do...

    Lol. Just lol. I know. Yes, most of what I do is ridiculously difficult, it's just part of my obsessive nature to push things to the limit until they blow up. It seems like a waste of time but it's very educational.

    Great pistol! It definatly looks better than my b/a pistol, and it shoots better looking at your ranges. Awesome job!

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    danke ! sorry that's pretty much the only german i know lol. i guess i know stuff like ja unt nein, ein, tzei, drei, rousse (i hope i wrote that right, i meant the word "out"), heil...