Picture of the S3 semi automatic gun (SA 3252)
hey guys ! i know a lot of you were waiting for this, and it's finally here ! yes, you read correctly. i'm finally posting my S3. for those of you who are not yet familiar with this magnificent concept, i advise paying a visit to oblivitus' profile, where you will find many 'ibles concerning different versions and mechanics of the concept, the SA 3252. after that, you should also go check out my other 'ible presenting this gun from when i started working on this version. i just want to say that this isn't the final version, and i do believe oblivitus is going to keep on working from where i am now, and i think he's going to try to make it shoot yellow rods from a TR18. i might continue it too sometime, but for now i have a very interesting new idea for a semi auto that i am burning with eagerness to try out. so some up to date stats, shall we?
ranges- 45 feet on the first shot and about 10 feet on the last shot
quite accurate
5 shots
shoots 1-slot connectors
smallest version yet- mostly 5 layers, some areas 7 layers, but all with blue rods
strongest version yet, pretty powerful
very comfortable
i could keep on, but i think that's all you need to know ; )

needless to say that credit goes to oblivitus for most of the concepts in here, and also quite a few of the parts and design.

so without any further delay, allow me to present to you the S3.

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LvNo10002 years ago
I've favorited it so I can build it when I have time. Sounds like an interesting build.
Sharir1701 (author)  LvNo10002 years ago
Good luck! "Interesting build"... You bet haha...
XD..."meaningful" conversation going on down below...XD
Seleziona2 years ago
Cooool, I actually may build this! Want to see exactly how it works ;P
Sharir1701 (author)  Seleziona2 years ago
i'm glad you're excited, i was very excited about posting this lol. good luck if you build it and be sure to leave a picture of your's in a comment if you finish it.
Lol, and for sure, I'll take a picture of one when I build it, hopefully soon =D
millju3 years ago
made it ! i would of made it more different but i have decided to make another gun im not breaking this 1 up tho :)
Sharir1701 (author)  millju3 years ago
wow man nice work! it's looking extremely good... i'll add it tomorrow, i'm going to bed now, just answering a few comments before... it really really looks awesome. i think the magazine would work better for you (and i know the bullets shoot further too) if you put it in the other way, as in, the red rod in the front. i especially liked the hole in the middle. it has a kind of retro-modern design to it. i think the side handle is a bit too close to the spool and you might get hurt, and also, you should take off the "key" thing from the spool when you're firing, if you don't already. it makes it stronger. also the supports in the back to make the stock level with the magazine are cool. where's the rubber band though?
yeah i no and i havent got big enogh bands but i shot it with other ones tho im going to get some soon and i never ment to put the mag in that way aswell lol
Sharir1701 (author)  millju3 years ago
oh ok lol. i don't have long bands either, so i just used a few bands tied together.
Oblivitus3 years ago
Great, I'm glad that people there are now going to be people out there who will understand this design (as a result of building it). Make sure to put one of your videos at the end or just something that will show people how to operate it though. Like I said, I want to build it but don't have the parts right now.
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
yup, i'm super excited about this. i mean, it's the first ever posted version of the 3252... that's big ! i can't wait to hear one "built it, awesome gun. here's a picture:". you know what i mean? and yes, people can finally fully understand for the very first time exactly what is going on in that big blob of plastic... you know today someone sent me a PM saying he thinks i'm the best user on the site. you know how good that feels? the thing is i kinda feel bad taking all this credit for a gun that is your vision and has been your goal from the start... i hope you post something too man, people are forgetting you invented this. i hope you get that Z3 wrapped up and start working on this. anyway, i am postponing my semi auto concept because i start school in 3 days, and it will surely take me more than that. anyway, i'd rather focus on an awesome idea i have for something. it's a long explanation, i did it twice (maybe three times, i don't remember lol), and got it really long, messed up and bad. i'd rather just finish it up, i'll just say it's a repeater, because i can definitely do that quickly, and upload a slideshow and a vid and then i'll explain it better. in a word, it's a bullpup bolt action with a removable magazine, but it's completely new, trust me, no one has ever done it before, i'm positive. good luck with the Z3 man.
Yeah, it's cool to get recognition, definitely. Enjoy it now, although you won't care as much about that as you get older. I'm just as happy to see other people succeed and to help them as I am for myself. And I don't mind if few people remember that the idea came from me, I'm happy to share the spotlight with someone who deserves it and just to see my idea being realized. And your new gun sounds enticing.
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
once again, i don't think the joy of recognition changes with age. it's just something that might fade once you have it already. it also depends on the type of person you are. anyway, i'm glad you don't mind, and that's very nice of you. i however do think you deserve the credit, and most people don't know that we worked together for so long, and before that you worked alone for even longer. i guess most people just think you came up with the concept, like TD came up with the AC concept, but never did anything with it. i'm just saying people should recognize you as the mastermind behind this gun. nevermind, no pressure if you don't get it done yet. about my new gun, it is going harder than i expected, and there are some problems i did not anticipate, but i think i can figure everything out. my original goal was to shorten the typical bullpup weapon, but i guess that's not really gonna happen. i am however still going to make a pretty damn awesome gun, even if it is conventionally sized. the handle will still be closer to the stock, and the loading will be much more comfortable as well as much quicker. i expect it could get like 2 rounds per second... once again, you'll see why when you see the gun. even if i don't manage to fix everything, i will still upload it as a failed project, and i will try it again sometime from scratch. i have already learned a lot that might help me if i go back to the drawing board. anyway, i hope i manage to get a working gun, and i will still probably redo it.
You know. I thought of myself as pretty mature lately, but I'm realizing now that my desire to see others succeed, yourself included, isn't completely unselfish. I think part of what makes me want to see people succeed is to live their success through them. I'm going to have to work on that. Just thought I'd tell you that because I do feel guilty about that now. There's a person I know who I realized was doing the same thing that made me realize that today. I may be helpful but I'm definitely not perfect and I don't want you to ever think that I am. Honestly I've been being selfish.
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
relax, it's ok. nobody's perfect and we all have that jealousy or need to be known deep down, just for some it's more unconscious. i knew there was something of the sort involved, but it's better to let the person figure it out himself, or just keep thinking what he said, rather than pointing it out to them, because that makes me seem jealous or something. anyway, i'm glad you realized that.
Yeah, but I still feel like an idiot. Oh well.
Mmm, yes. It does depend on being used to it, right, but that factor corresponds with the passing of time. Building one maturity level on top of the next will change what gets you excited. Yes, probably some information lost in the general public about how the idea started and progressed, but that's all right. Einstein said something like "You can either work to be recognized as great or work to actually be great". The gun sounds great. I'd like to see 2 shots per second without a doubt. How many rounds do you think you can fire consecutively that way in the short term and long term and what do you think the potential for the range is?
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
alright, age changes the level of our reaction, but a person who has never gotten recognition will be excited the first (few) time(s) he gets it. great, i'm glad you think that way. as you remember my REMPAR was 3 shots per second. this idea would have a similar rate of fire, because it's a similar idea as far as what matters for ROF. it can fire as many bullets as there would be in the magazine, and the magazine has no limitations, so virtually infinity. the ranges would be very high and it would be very accurate, since it's bolt action. i expect a minimum 70 feet, but it'll probably be more like 100 feet. so yeah, like i said probably the best repeater so far, because it combines both worlds- efficiency (bolt action, and just an efficient layout) and speed (very fast reload system. i'll keep it a surprise for now), as well as a few other key characters, like accuracy, comfort, compactness, looks (imo) etc. it is basically a much better version of the REMPAR in a much smaller body, combined with the bolt action mech we all love so much, and a much more comfortable gun. it's like my S2 in theory- a much much denser, smaller gun for a mechanism i did before, in an attempt to make it a lot better for battle, as well as being a combination of a few mechanisms. btw, what do you mean short and long term? if you mean range, then i guess it depends on how long it takes you to aim and fire, bring the gun down to load and back up again, but i get the feeling that's not what you meant.
Well that sounds great, a giant mag capacity would make that perfect for battle. What I meant by short and long term range is what you expect the range to be when you get it firing, and then the longest range that you think is possible for the design in the future.
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
yeah. a giant mag would be easy to make and will work very well, although the estimated mag capacity for the mag i have right now, which just fits perfectly into the gun, is about 10-13 or so shots, which is enough for a normal magazine, and it's very fast to swap. but sure, you could make as long a mag as you want. once i get it shooting, i don't plan to keep on working on it much, but i might, like i said, start over, but i think that's less likely because it's looking better than i thought now. overall, like i said, if i can get it shooting, i think about 70 feet min and about 100-110 max, so average about 80-90 feet range. that's what i think for the concept, and not much i can do in that department (that i can think of, anyway). the only thing i might be able to improve is how well and smooth the gun works, but it seems to go pretty smoothly up until now. i don't want to promise anything else and keep estimating. it should take me up to 2 days, if everything goes well, to finish it up, and then i will post a slideshow, and there i will obviously explain more about the gun and it's stats.
All right, cool.
Sharir1701 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
ok so it's coming to a close, i think i'm about to finish it up. it looks AWESOME much better than i expected, and it's very comfortable. it's still a bit of a shrink from a typical bullpup (i mean the handle-stock distance), which is good, and it seems to function awesome so far. i still have to finish up the mag, fix a problem with the trigger (i'm thinking of tape, but if that doesn't work i'm in a problem), and see where and how to put the ram bands. it really is peaking around the corner of a great weapon. i definitely know one thing i can improve as far as smoothness of operation, but that'll have to wait until i see the gun actually works. i'll keep you updated.
Sweet. Please do.
Kinetic3 years ago
I liked step 1 the best.

A year of hard work man...you should be proud. Very cleanly designed despite the complexity, and I imagine by seeing the internals that it is a very crisp shot. I'm really glad you didn't give up on this concept.
Sharir1701 (author)  Kinetic3 years ago
i just now realized that your first sentence was a joke. i forgot about the BALLS! step, which is a very crucial step. lol good one.
Yeah, until they change the ible layout, I think that everybody should include a BALLS! step. Lol

It just looks that much cooler with the tension preservation mech under the stock. It's amazing how much you can improve on something by simply taking it apart and rebuilding it. You can just see things that you otherwise wouldn't have! That happens to me a lot when I take something apart to post it...its a bit annoying lol but well worth it.
Sharir1701 (author)  Kinetic3 years ago
Yeah, I agree completely with both points. Also, I like the name tension preservation mech, that's good.
Sharir1701 (author)  Kinetic3 years ago
surprisingly... i thought you would like the stock or magazine over the complex firing mechanism in the center of this concept (if that wasn't clear because it's typed, it was a joke...).

yup, i am. i tried making it look the best i could, it was like one of my top priorities when designing the base of this gun. yes, it shoots nice and smooth, and very quick. i estimate about 0.05~0.2 seconds is the time it takes since the trigger mech is released to the time the gun is ready to shoot again, of course i couldn't be accurate in fractions of seconds, and it does slow down mildly between shots (the later the slower, because of the band tension, same thing with the range). so yeah it's a very clean and quick shot, very crisp, like you said. i'm glad i didn't give up on it too... i thought about it at some point, and i pretty much did, but luckily i uploaded that 18 min video on our workspace ible, from which it was very easy for me to recreate the gun, since i obviously roughly knew how it was built. i'm glad i could figure out solutions to some of the problems i had in my previous versions, and i am very proud to be the designer of this magnificent gun. i would want oblivitus to take more credit, because he did, after all, invent almost everything in there as well as help me design a lot of the parts from previous builds... he says he doesn't mind. oh well.
millju3 years ago
thanks for posting this i will make it very soon its amazing
Sharir1701 (author)  millju3 years ago
if and when you finish it, if you would like to post a comment with a picture of your's, i will add it to the intro.
no problem im going to change it abit aswell ive got a few ideas :)
innovanna3 years ago
looks good! you beat me haha. i have a video of the final version that will be up right after i post the comment. but i am defiantly going to build because i would like to actually build the mechanism.
Sharir1701 (author)  innovanna3 years ago
ok looking forward to that, and if you build it, if you could comment with a pic that would be awesome... i'll add it to the intro
I will do that. I can make a video showing people that this really does work to if u want?
Sharir1701 (author)  innovanna3 years ago
sure, go ahead. lol i didn't think of the possibility people might not believe this works, but by all means, sure, that would be great. bear in mind that it is not yet the final version, i'm just taking a break, and it's in a stage where i want to be able to build it again sometime when i feel like keeping on working on it, as well as i want oblivitus to make it, or something similar so he can keep on working where i stopped, as well as i want everyone to finally be able to make this gun. for the first time ever, this gun has a tiny body, and it is very powerful and impressive, so i thought people would want to build it, and who am i to deprive you guys of that opportunity... anyway, back to the subject, if you wanna make a full review 'ible that could be awesome.
Ill probably do that. People need to see that u have to try to make new things otherwise u cant make progress in the community.
Sharir1701 (author)  innovanna3 years ago
great !
mulletman63 years ago
Got the instructions photographed and will trying building this tomorrow if i have time .... and enough pieces :P
Sharir1701 (author)  mulletman63 years ago
ok, good luck. post a comment with a picture of it if you do and i'll add it to the intro. but why would you photograph pictures...?
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