The S3 Semi Automatic Gun (SA 3252)





Introduction: The S3 Semi Automatic Gun (SA 3252)

hey guys ! i know a lot of you were waiting for this, and it's finally here ! yes, you read correctly. i'm finally posting my S3. for those of you who are not yet familiar with this magnificent concept, i advise paying a visit to oblivitus' profile, where you will find many 'ibles concerning different versions and mechanics of the concept, the SA 3252. after that, you should also go check out my other 'ible presenting this gun from when i started working on this version. i just want to say that this isn't the final version, and i do believe oblivitus is going to keep on working from where i am now, and i think he's going to try to make it shoot yellow rods from a TR18. i might continue it too sometime, but for now i have a very interesting new idea for a semi auto that i am burning with eagerness to try out. so some up to date stats, shall we?
ranges- 45 feet on the first shot and about 10 feet on the last shot
quite accurate
5 shots
shoots 1-slot connectors
smallest version yet- mostly 5 layers, some areas 7 layers, but all with blue rods
strongest version yet, pretty powerful
very comfortable
i could keep on, but i think that's all you need to know ; )

needless to say that credit goes to oblivitus for most of the concepts in here, and also quite a few of the parts and design.

so without any further delay, allow me to present to you the S3.

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Step 1: BALLS !

i'm just gonna leave this step empty because of the horrific new display that requires you to see all the pictures at once, making it very annoying to go down to the comments. also, a quick reminder to read EVERY image note. sometimes you think they're long, boring or unhelpful, or you can manage, but trust me, on a complicated gun like this that except for myself and oblivitus, pretty much nobody fully understands everything going on here (until you build it), you need to pay attention and make sure you're not wasting your time doing it wrong.

Step 2: All the Mehchanisms in One Tight Box

this is probably the hardest step, especially since you have to deal with making all the paper fillings, taping precisely and banding very precisely. just get it over with, and do try to invest some time in making each "special" part so that it comes out good. about the paper fillings, i think i used some relatively thin paper of 3/4'x5'. you gotta find the size that best suits your type of paper and make precise cuts and rolling. just take a little more time making these, and you will be glad you did. so get going...

Step 3: Stock, Handle, Trigger, Slide

this is what i have on mine, but it's very mod-friendly. read everything in the image notes. i explain some more there...

Step 4: Magazine

make the mag. simple step



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I've favorited it so I can build it when I have time. Sounds like an interesting build.

Good luck! "Interesting build"... You bet haha...

Cooool, I actually may build this! Want to see exactly how it works ;P

i'm glad you're excited, i was very excited about posting this lol. good luck if you build it and be sure to leave a picture of your's in a comment if you finish it.

Lol, and for sure, I'll take a picture of one when I build it, hopefully soon =D

made it ! i would of made it more different but i have decided to make another gun im not breaking this 1 up tho :)


wow man nice work! it's looking extremely good... i'll add it tomorrow, i'm going to bed now, just answering a few comments before... it really really looks awesome. i think the magazine would work better for you (and i know the bullets shoot further too) if you put it in the other way, as in, the red rod in the front. i especially liked the hole in the middle. it has a kind of retro-modern design to it. i think the side handle is a bit too close to the spool and you might get hurt, and also, you should take off the "key" thing from the spool when you're firing, if you don't already. it makes it stronger. also the supports in the back to make the stock level with the magazine are cool. where's the rubber band though?

yeah i no and i havent got big enogh bands but i shot it with other ones tho im going to get some soon and i never ment to put the mag in that way aswell lol

oh ok lol. i don't have long bands either, so i just used a few bands tied together.