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Introduction: The S3 Semi Automatic Gun

hey guys ! READ THIS PLEASE:
in a world where oblivitus and i have been working on the all mighty SA 3252 concept for ages and ages, i have finally managed to perfect a version of this all mighty creature with a bit of help from a new concept never before seen... i present to you, the biggest knex community in the world, THE SA 3252 V.S.3 (S3). combining the most complicated semi automatic revolving pin and stabilizing mechanism, as well as the amazing alternating trigger, as well as the brand new true trigger for the alternating trigger mechanism, as well as a compact, 5 layer package that gets well over 20 feet (remember it's a prototype semi automatic gun, so that's a lot). i would advise you all to neil before this majestic creature, for it will blow your mind. i give you now, the S3, a work in progress for over 6 months in collaboration with the fore father of the concept, oblivitus, about to have a completed, perfected version.

EDIT: here's my first video for it. i shot one shot, and explained a bit, please watch it through:

i was wrong in the last part of the video. it gets 30 feet right now (i tested it before i made a few mods to the gun. i modded the gun, made the video, and then tested it again, and it got a bit over 30 feet this time (inches)). i shot my cupboard from 4 feet away, and you could really hear the BANG, so... i'm also working on a way to make it stronger atm. dunno if it'll work, but i'm trying. that's the point of building a concept gun lol, isn't it, trying?

 here's a short video of the gun shooting 3 shots semi automatically:

here is another video of the new slide design meant to improve the efficiency of the gun. in the video i also showed the mechanism with one panel off and shot one shot at the end. it is very powerful, and gets a max 40 feet. so here it is:

LAST EDIT (PROBABLY): it's posted ! check it out.

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    Now, finally I think I understand this. I should probably stick with less complicated guns...

    great! about designing less complicated guns, sure, i don't think there are many more concepts as complicated as this. it's the most complicated concept i've ever seen, that's for sure. but do you mean you also won't build other's complicated guns?

    Well I would build them, it's just I'd have to understand them first.

    not necessarily. i think for this gun specifically the best way to understand is to see with your own eyes and play around with it. my videos being your guide, you could understand it better if you made it. anyway, are you making it?

    Yes! If I have enough pieces, I might make a smaller version.

    Cool. Except for the stock area there's not much to compact in it, and the stock is like 70% hollow.

    Good luck lol. When you finish if you'd like to comment with a picture of your gun, I'll add it to the intro.

    Okay! It'll use the same mechanism (and that) but it won't look as large. =P

    good luck. like i said, comment with a picture...