this is a super easy and cheap stove that runs on ethanol alcohol(the cleaing kind.)
it is a penny stove cause you cover the big hole with a penny. it is good at cooking food in a pan and boiling water. this is my first instructable. enjoy!(sorry for blurry pics.)

Step 1: Materials

what you need is:

2 soda cans





altoid tin
This is very good for a first. <br>
Nice project. It would be good to have a picture in the final step showing the stove lit and working. Look at how most other can-stoves here on I'bles demonstrate their operation.
im trying to get a video of it.
Nice! been meaning to build one of these since I had a problem with my Primus stove while section hiking the AT. A guy let me use his penny stove to get by until we finished hiking. Thanks for posting!

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