In this instructable we will go over how to construct an at-home version of a photo-bioreactor which will use solar energy and artificial lighting with carbon dioxide to produce algae biomass.

The aim of this project is to create an model which harbors an ecosystem fit to help us escape a fossil fuel economy. We are in an era that is experiencing a shift from humanity trying to dominate nature, to then trying to preserve parts of nature and now trying to reach a reconciliation with nature. This is the algae experiment; an idea that is trying to move away from a linear wasteful and polluting way of using resources to a closed loop system where all resources are kept in a closed loop cycle.

Check it out working.


Follow the possibilities of harvesting algae for fuel & see the difficulties met along this journey on-line at

@@@: thealgaeexperiment.tumblr.com

a published paper on the subject can be found on

@@@: http://issuu.com/mouchmouch/docs/thealgaeexperime...

For more info or to get in touch you can reach me at


Step 1: Shape, size & materiality

The over all shape of the photo bioreactor is inspired from a previous project I had been working on where it follows a mean summer solar path of the UK. It is meant to be both an educational model but also embody certain architectural elements within allowing it to possibly be viewed as an informational pavilion.

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