I'm a big fan of all things colorfull and shiny - this is why (although i'm really not a christmas person) i adore christmas ornaments. but having christmas ornaments up in your home all year round is kind of ridiculous. so i came up with this "chandelier". it is an amazing piece of decoration by day and looks just as beautiful at night when the light is turnend on.
this way you can enjoy the colorfull, shiny beauty of christmas ornaments nomatter what time of the year it is.

i made this some time ago whithout taking pictures on the way - i tried to recreate some of the steps to make it more understandable.

Step 1: What You Will Need

here is what you need:
- LOTS and lots of christmas ornaments (plain round ones with only one color) in differerent colors and sizes.
i got most of them really cheap second hand from fleamarkets and thrift stores and the rest i inherited from my grandma. old ones are nicer because they are made from glas not plastic and have nicer colors and a little patina! you really need a lot, i think i used at least 150. to be on the safe side rather get more then less, i you have some "leftovers" you can always decorate your tree with it next christmas.

- an old lampshade: it has to be a half-dome shaped one that consists of a wire "skeleton" upholstered with a fabric cover (see the picture). you only need the lampshade, none of the other parts like cables, bulb socket, ...
it should not be too small so that you will end up with a nice big chandelier, mine had a diameter of about 50 cm.
sooo: i recently discovered that, in my crafts-supply-store of choice, they actually sell the wire frames you will need - and i mean why should you not be able to buy these. it is just cheaper buying a used lampshade at a goodwill store for 1 or 2 euros (or finding it lying it around on the street like i did) then buying a new frame for 15 euros.

i made the chandelier a while ago without taking photos an the way. so in order to recreate some of the steps i bought a cone shaped frame that i want to use for another project - this is NOT the frame i used for this project! i just used it for demonstrational purposes! the one i used was dome-shaped.

- strong thread

- chicken wire

- pliers / wire cutter

- rope

I'm not big on xmas either, but I too like all the pretty ornaments!
That's so pretty. Best use of Christmas decorations ever. :D

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