this airplane is, well on my opinion, the best glider you can make, and its simple!

Step 1: Get the Paper

get a piece of paper

Step 2: First Fold

fold the top down about halfway

Step 3: Fold the Sides Over Triagularly

fold over the sides so they make triangles

Step 4: Another Fold

fold the sides over, then fold back,just to make a halfway line

Step 5: Fold Center Down

fold the center down to the end of the first fold

Step 6: Fold Up

now fold the wings back up again

Step 7: Down Fold

fold the wings down so the pointed edges meet, do same on other side

Step 8: Make Stabilizers

fold the sides up about 1 inch to make stabilizers


fold the tips so they bend up at the head,like so

Step 10: Throwing

throw as hard as you can upwards and watch it come down and glide for a long distance, have fun!
Airlane? Ha ha. I challenge you with my one. So everyone, make a test with my one, https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Coolest-Paper-Glider-Ever/ OK? Lets compete with your paper airlane!
thnx gr8 plane man
how can all these ppl be so stupid, i made a different glider b4 this one and everyone there was confused......... its really not hard at all
where do the points meet?
another paper airplane unclearly described..lost you after step three..i gave up
it is very confusing dude. Try making it more clear.
So hard just like all of them
from the other comments i can tell this is an awesome plane please post a video on the subject for those rednecks out there= )<br/>
I always use to make this plane when i was younger. And yea.. from all the paper planes i would toy around with making, this is by far the best glider. Glides longer than any other paper plane out their. And at school they had a competion for who could make the longest gliding plane when i was like 7-8. Guess who won lol
I also found that if you use some scotch tape on the center part to keep it firm, and on the nose.. it glides even longer.
plzmake it clearer, i cant understand the pics or words
gosh alex i thoght your plane was bad, but i made one and its good if you use a ruler, but it never landed. (till it got suck in a tree)
Pretty cool. But it definitely needs to be launched outside since it has to stall to get up enough speed to glide.
cool i had meatwad first tho
wow. that doesnt look very fierce! but, hey the oddest looking planes allways seem to fly the best, lol :-D i goda make 1..

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