The Best Ever Backyard Camping


Introduction: The Best Ever Backyard Camping

this is my home-not-so-far-away-from-home.I know it looks like a toolshed, but wait 'till you see inside!

Step 1: A Basic Overview

here you will see a basic veiw and very important objects for cabin camping! you will notice a fan and thermometer, great for summer!

Step 2: Ahhh, All the Comforts of Home!

in this cabin, I have some exteras that make it a lot more fun! the thing that looks like a metal bar is actualy a working blacklight!

Step 3: Is Mean AND Green!

not only does it save gas, but also electricity! the picture is of the vent which is see-through to let in light!



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    how is this camping? should change the title. more like backyard bunking. put a tent in the backyard.

    First off, this is not camping, secondly, yup! still a tool shed.

    Your awesome tree house is missing a tree mang

    oh wow, it's really really cute. I want to build my own house, but they won't let me in California.

    2 replies

    are you sure? i was on vacation in California recently and saw a house some guy built himself ... at least that's what they kept saying... i think it was called "Hearst's Castle" or something like that...

     I built my own house in San Diego, if you google " house on a vacant lot" you will find the radio story on it, and some pics.  $11,000 for one house built in three months on weekends.  Never say Die!

    good for a hunting property or camp

    I had an idea to build one of these i was going to build it kinda like a wood lodge with long pieces of wood (half of a circle ) then have a 2"gap for electronics insulation etc then plasterboard and wallpaper so it'd look professional. when i used to live in the county with a huge back yard i was thinking of digging a hole quit deep just smaller than the shed and putting supports in etc and having a shed with a basement lol .

    hahaha i don't live in it! i just stay in it overnight somtime DUH!

    Gee, one usually goes to living in their parent's basement before they end up living in a shed in the backyard. It normally goes basement, shed and then a non running van down by the river.

    If I had this I would so put in real drywall, a couch, coffee table, a toilet, air conditioning, plumbing, a TV, a mini-fridge, a mini-stove, a place for cans, a sink, and a bunch of stuff to make it a mini-house. My friend has a mini-house like that and we lived in there for like a week or two and it isn't camping. Not living either. Its Luxury! Complete awesomeness without parents yelling at you.

    There, I will be the third to rate it.

    #1, that is not a playhouse! i sleep in it all the time! i only have an air matress and don't have a tent or anything! #2 it's not like it's this big amazing huge cabin for camping, most of those have actual matesses and heating. #3 i don't usualy go out there in the day, only at night, oh ya and i have slept out there in the middle of the winter. also, i want you to keep your coments to youself, i found your comment VERY offensive! you talk to me like i'm 9! i'm 14 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    3 replies

    well, half of it. the basic structure was there when we moved here, but it took a long time and quite a bit of $ to get it to what it is now. (we have never REALY stoped building it, there is an improvment almost every month!

    While I am genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings, I must say that you'll have to get used to people critiquing your work here. You can't make people keep their comments to themselves. It's a forum. We comment on each other's ideas. I just have a different idea about what camping means. Don't let it bother you. If I were 14 and had a shed, I'd sleep in it too. Now, if you could cook your own meals out there on an MSR, that would be cool...

    over 2500 views, an only two ratings, COME ON PEOPLE RATE!!!

    Sorry, much as I like your cabin, this isn't an Instructable. I'd unpublish it and use the photos to make a slideshow.