this is a very powerful pea shooter made out of pvc pipe duct tape and a balloon do not point this at any living thing and if you do it is not my fault if they lose an eye

Step 1: Materials

1. pvc pipe

2. duct tape 

3. balloon

Step 2: Putting It All Together

take the pvc pipe and cut it to the size you want it then strech the balloon over the pvc pipe make sure that there is a little bit that is not streached for pulling back. then tape it there and you are done

Step 3:

drop a bebe or a pea whatever you are shooting into the pipe and grab the ammo in the pipe through the balloon pull it back and let go BAM! agian do not shoot anyone.
no it is not the best<br>
isnt threre a be nice policy on this site<br>
some one said it waz bad
thereis nothing wrong with it it shoots just fine maybe they built it wrong and siriously go easy on me i am only 11
this was my first Pea shooter I made it out of a long ballon and a pen tube it is so cool thanks for the great instructable!
Dude lol I was suppost to say no it is the best sorry lol
its all right dude
how about you try to build it it is really easy<br>

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