The Best Way to Cut a Melon





Introduction: The Best Way to Cut a Melon

I accidentally found this melon cutting trick when watching a compilation of fails & wins on Youtube. (Goes without saying that this was a super win!) I had started on the Fast Workers subreddit and then ended up in a Youtube black hole - which aren't normally very productive - but this time I lucked out.

I've been cutting all my melons this way now - it's so fast and easy! I really do this it's the best way if you're just cutting the melon to eat and not wanting to do anything fancier with it. :D

Step 1: Cut the Melon in Half

Wash the melon if you haven't already - we're leaving the rind on so you want to make sure it doesn't have any nasties.

If you're using a really large watermelon, cut it in half as shown and then cut both halves in half lengthwise.

If you're using a melon with seeds in the middle, scoop those out now.

P.S. To make this less messy, try to use a cutting board with a groove around the edges like the one I'm using.

Step 2: Cut Into 1 Inch Strips

Well, 1 to 1 1/2 inches. Whatever looks best for the size of melon you have.

Step 3: Rotate and Cut Into Slices Again

So fancy.

Step 4: And Now You Have Easy to Eat Melon!

Just hold the individual sticks down by the rind. So much easier to hold on to and much less messy than cubes.

These melon sticks are especially useful when you're feeding a bunch of kids. :D (Or drunk adults, let's be honest.)

Step 5: Additional Perks

Perk #1 - you get to eat all the awkward edges that have less melon on them. When someone asks you why you're eating a 1/3 of the melon, make sure they know it's because you're a professional and you believe in good presentation and consistent serving sizes. Nothing but the best for your guests/friends/family! ;)

Perk #2 - Tiny rind pieces perfect for throwing straight into the compost bin once you're done snacking!

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Perk #3 A little know secret about watermelon is the white part of the rind is really good for men that suffer from ed.

Guys, this is called a mezzaluna. Its for cutting herbs and spices. Its rounded because its supposed to be used with a rounded cutting board or a bowl. They work for other things as well, sometimes they have one blade, sometimes two.


This double bladed curved knife is mainly used for cutting Jews' Mellow (Mulukhiyya) a herb widly used in Middle East.

Why cut it into pieces when it makes a perfect bowl? For Sharing you say? I say get your own watermelon.

(The tone used this comment is silly and playful)

I wish we had fonts for things like silly and playful, or especially >sarcastic<. That would be so much fun.

"Get yer grubby paws off mah fruit!" *waves machete*

(the machete is being waved in a silly and playful way... kinda O.o)

I'm with you on that, sharing melon is for sukkas

I am told (and it makes sense to me) that to pick a sweet melon, you have to pick a female one, and to do that you have to look at the BLOOM end, as opposed to the STEM end. The bloom end should be slightly concave and it will be a female.

I have wanted to test this, if anyone has or does, please report.

I'm sure we've all attempted to eat that watermelon that was barely sweet enough, or that slightly-squishy one, but there is a very simple technique you can use when selecting your watermelon to ensure that you always get a perfectly sweet, crisp one: Pick the greenest one! No kidding! When considering a candidate watermelon, inspect its entire surface. If there are obvious flaws, of course, that instantly disqualifies it, but then look for yellowish spots. The ideal watermelon will be a dark green color over its entire surface, with no yellow spots.

A yellow spot on a melon means it's been sitting on the ground for a while. Yellow spot = ripe melon

Uniform dark green color means it hasn't had time to actually ripen yet. You've been picking bad melons your entire life.