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Introduction: The Better Cd Hovercraft

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self propelled. no push needed yay!

the reason i made this is because i was just looking around instructables and i saw CD hovercrafts but none were self propelled so... here u go

Step 1: What Is to Be Needed

what you will need for this is:
tape(doesn't matter what kind)
hot glue stick
compact disc
bottle cap
PVC pipe (i used 1/2 inch flexible= easy to cut
ink tube of a pen
something to poke holes with
Xacto knife

Step 2: Get to Pokin the Wholes

2 hole are needed
one is in the TOP of the bottle cap and the second hole is needed in the side
the hole in the side of the bottle cap need to be big enough for the ink tube(after emptied, this is important because, if this vital step is overlooked it r gone b a big mess!!!) to be a snug fit. no larger, no smaller
also insert the pipe in the centre of the cap so the hole is visible and mark where the ink tube comes through the side of the bottle cap then poke another hole in the side of the pipe to create a snug fit for the ink tube.

Step 3: Gluin Time

next glue the bottle cap on the compact disc
then place the pipe and the ink tube in place
and glue
make sure that an airtight seal is created so the only places where the air is escaping is out the ink tube and the bottom of the craft!

Step 4: Let It Loose Yo

the final step is to inflate the balloon and put it on the pipe and release



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    I absolutely love the self propelled idea. I've seen a million of these things on this website and i like this one the most. 5 stars.

    Can you please explain the logic behind keeping the ink tube in this hovercraft and "leaking" the extra air throu' it? How this differs in performance against the traditional methods?

    1 reply

    the logic behind this design is when the balloon releases air it releases the air downward and backward    causing thrust to propel the craft forward and upward..
    traditional methods just propel upwards and not forwards.   

    i repaired the grammar issues, thanks for the feedback. keep it coming

    The thing that you don't know what it's called is an ice pick =) this is a really good instructable!

    That's a nice modification.

    In fact, my only complaint about this project is the use of "u" instead of "you" etc.

    1 reply