The Boss 8 Wheeled Spider Edition


Introduction: The Boss 8 Wheeled Spider Edition

This is going to be the last modle in my line ups. The first modle was the, The btruck long bed the second modle was the, The boss truck short bed modle the third one was the, The boss truck tiger edition with 6wd, and now the last and final modle in the line is this which in The boss truck spider edition because, a spider has 8 egs and this truck has 8 wheels. this truck comes with a v10 super charged engine with 6wd  in the rear and 2wd in the front, and all  8 wheels has a independent suspension also has verey good traction conrol hope you guys injoyed all of the, The boss trucks line up as i did. =D



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    well thank you and i had to make just alittle mod for the cab, i moves the cab backwards were the front could be longer. So i got a question which on do you like the beast THE BOSS TRUCK WIHTH LONG BED, THE BOSS TRUCK SHORT BED, THE BOSS 6 WHEELED TIGER EDITION, or THE BOSS 8 WHEELED SPIDER EDITION.

    no prob, i think the 6 or 8 wheeler ones are great =D

    thank my next project i am thinking of to bulid is a flat bed truck or an monster truck. And the things i am good of buliding is normally trucks lol and oince in a while i bulid cars.

    kool =D