A gift piece for a longtime friend of her character, done up in the Halloween spirit~ painted from scratch in Photoshop CS2, using a Wacom tablet, and a much abused stylus.

Step 1:

Start out with a blank page. The actual file is ~3000x5000px, but here it is resized for internet purposes. I always use photoshop for my paintings, but you're welcome to use any image painting program, as well as any digital tablet or mouse (I use an old old wacom tablet).
<p>it looks stuning darling i love cats and you just made my day! Thank you Very Much!!</p>
It's beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Nice work, I like it! thanks for taking the time to share this.
Oh my goodness! Ditto jessyratfink, beautiful!
This is gorgeous work! You should put the final photo as the intro image so everyone can see it on the recent pages. :D
I didn't even think of that D: thank you! (For your advice, and kind words)

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